June 14 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 9


expert opinion= SP-N
analysis= NALS
handwriting= HARNG
samples= SAMS
similar= SLAR
original= ORJ
signature= SIGT
aggravated= GRAIFTD
manslaughter= MAURLT or MAUTS
hostage= HOFJ
expert witness= X-NS
yes, I do= YOID
negotiator= GROERBT
I didn’t think so= YINGS
clinical= KLINL
diabetes= DAOIBTS
medicine= MED
settle= SELT
videotaped= VAOPD
alleviate= LAEFT
continuance= T-NZ
professional= PROEFL
assure= SHUR
remark= RARK
accurate= KRAT
prognosis= P-G
clinicians= KLINGSZ
cigarette= SGRET
expert= SPERT
disease= D-Z
headaches= HAEKS
complications= KPLIXZ
vaccine= VAK/SAO*EN or VAX/SAO*EN
penicillin= PLIN
therapist= THAERPT
obvious= OEFS
discrimination= SKRIMGS
bartenders= BAERNDZ
number= NUB
pretrial= PRAOIL
factor= FAOK
memoranda= MAUMD
jeopardize= JEPZ
preface= PREFS
scientist= SAOINT
undercover= NOFR
reputation= R-PGS
hostility= HOFLT
no matter= NORMT
pursuing= PRAOUG
British= BRIRB
Columbia= KLOM
absence= ABS
summoned= SMOND
examine= X-
lecture= LURKT
federal= FRAL
checkpoint= KHEPKT
evacuate= AOEFKT
fire alarms= FLARMS
chambers= KHAIMS
justice= JUS
courtroom= KRAOM
efficiency= FIRBZ
obligation= BLIGS
safeguard= SAIFGD
integrity= SBEGT
pretext= PRAOEGT
excuse me= SKAOUM
confer= KWER
side effects= SFEKTS

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