April 26 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 8


Thanksgiving= THAFG
coma= KMA
privileged= PRIFD
office= OFS
reception= REFPGS
termination= TERMGS
connection= KEX
employer= PLOIR
ethical= TH*EBLG
violations= VAOILGSZ
evidentiary= AEFT/RAO*E
hearing= HAERG
malpractice= M-P
improve= KBROF
relationship= ROIP
therapist= THAERPT
therapists= THAERPTS
license= L-NS
disclose= SKLOES
injunctive= KB*UFNGT
innocent= N-NT
denied= D-ND
violence= V-LS
murder= MURD
illegal= ILG
treacherous= TREFP/R*US
college= KLEJ
physical= FIS
restraining order= STRAENGD
schedule= SKELD
background= BAUGD
dismayed= SMAID
social security= S-S
wager= WAIRJ
disgusting= SGUFGT
Vulgar= VURLG
serious= SAOERZ
operative= PRAIFT
exposure= SKPAOUR
victim= VIM
objective= OFBT
Part time= POIM
employment= PLOIMT
downside= DO*UNDZ
employees= PLOES
dirty= DOIRT
instant= STANT
reiterate= RIT
constitution= STAOUGS
at this point= THIPT
confidence= K-FNS
in the meantime= NAOENT
exemplary= XEMT/PLA*ER
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
conflict= KIKT
my name is= MAOINS
African American= FRIM
discriminated= SKRIMTD
impersonate= KBERNT
apologize= JAOIZ
humoring= HAOURMG
proclivity= PROE/KL*IFT
testimony= T-M
summation= SMAIGS
occurrence= KURNS
terminated= TERMTS
tolerance= TLANS
confidential= K-FL
hysteria= HIS/TER/YA*
homicide= HOM or HOMDZ
what happened= WHAPD
self defense= SD-FNS

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