April 16 2024

Briefs and Phrases From The Equalizer Season 1, Episode 5

Equalizer Season 1 Episode 5

analog= AONLG
clavicle= KLAFL
consommé= KAUNS/MA*I or KAUNS/MAI
chervil= SHER/VA*L or SHER/V*IL
company= K-P
British= BRIRB
mathematician= MA*T/T*IGS
doctoral= DR-L
candidate= KAND
fiscal= SKAL
social media= SDWRA
email= AOEM
stochastic= STOE/KA*FKT or STA/KA*FKT
python= PAO*INT
arsenic= ARS/N*IK
coordinates= KAORNTS
dilettantes= DIL/TA*NTS
accelerator= SLOERT
blood sugar= BLAORG
diabetic= DAOIKT
trajectory= TRARJT
Chinese= KHAOINS
Beijing= BAI/JING
Chinatown= KHAOINT
fireworks= FAO*IRKS
what do you need= WHAOUFRN
troglodyte= TROG/DAO*ITS
Oppenheimer= OEP/HAO*IRM or OP/HAO*IRM
Ockham’s razor= OK/HA*MS/RAERZ
Bitcoin= BIT/KO*IN
cryptocurrency= KRIPT/K*URNZ
dislocated= SDLOEKTD
randomness= RAOND/-NS
Yukon= AOU/KO*N

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