October 19 2017

Briefs And Phrases From National Geographic: How To Build A Beating Heart

National Geographic How To Build A Beating Heart
imagine= MAJ
you need= UFRN
years old= YAOERLDZ
heart= HART
she needs= SHEFRNS
transplant= TRANLT
patients= PAIRBTS
option= OPGS
replace= PLAEFR
organ= GORN
we could= WEKD
I think= AOING
regenerative= JEFRNT
body= BOED
organs= GORNZ
vision= VIGS
to do= TAOD
really= R-L
replacement= PLAEFRMT
transplanted= TRANLTD
simply= SOIM
finger= FIRNG
extremity= STREMT
object= OBT
eventually= VAENL
repair= R-P
we can= WEK
create= KRAOET
fiction= F*IX
harnessing= HARNS/-G
nature= NAUR
million dollar= M-LD
Massachusetts= MAS/MAS
general= JEN
hospital= HOPT
it’s= -TS
Harold= HA*RLD
surgeon= SURN
began= GAN
operating room= PRAOM
treatment= TRAOEMT
might not= MAOINT
available= VAIBL
decades= DAEDZ
reason= R-N
regenerate= JAIT
functional= FUNLGS
chest= KHEFT
cavity= KAEFT
model= MOLD
anatomy= NAEMT
comparable= KPRABL
human= HAOUM
disease= D-Z
experiment= XERMT
decellularization= DAOE/SLAOUR/SA*IGS
basically= BAIFL
cells= KRELS
scaffold= SKAFLD
scaffolds= SKAFLDZ
of the= -FT
potentially= POERBL
rejected= JEKTD
recipient= RIPT
isolate= SOELT
syringe= SY-RNG
inject= N-JT
needle= NAOELD
repopulate= RAOE/POPLT
develop= VEL
muscle= MUFL
structure= STRUR
decellularized= DAOE/KREL/RAO*IDZ
simulates= SMAILTS
cadaver= KAFRD or KA/DA*FR
living= LIFG
paramedic= PARMD
jolts= JOELTS
heart attack= HAURK
victim= VIM
and you see= SKPUZ
overwhelming= WHOEMG
tiny= TOIN
remarkable= RARK/-BL
history= HIFT
reanimate= RAOE/AN/MA*IT
scientists= SAOINTS
alive= LOIF
outside= OUDZ
film= FIM
Soviet= SO*EFT
vital= VAO*ILT
function= FUNGS
early= ERL
research= REFP
culture= KLUR
faith= FA*IT
perform= P-F
today= TOD
science= SAOINZ
future= FAOURT
realities= RAELTS
modern= MOERN
ratio= RAIRB
injured= J*URD
Iraq= AOI/RA*K
Afghanistan= AF/GAN/STA*N
problem= BLEM
result= RULT
developing= VELG
improved= KBROFD
Kevlar= KEF/LA*R
survive= SWAOIF
maimed= MAIMD
army= AERM
medical= MEL
center= STR-
institute= SNAOUT
surgical= SURL
doctor= DR-
clinical= KLINL
trials= TRAOILS
receiving= SAOEFG
combat= KBAT
this is= TH-S
rehabilitate= RABLT
money= MUN
defense= D-FNS
department= D-PT
sources= SORSZ
combined= KBINED
men= MEN
women= WIM
technologies= T-JS
hundreds= HUNS
years= Y-RS
ears= AOERS
terrible= TERBL
injuries= JERS
surgically= SLURL
implanted= KBLANTD
on the= ONT
purpose= PURP
to see= TOZ
maintains= MAINTS
essentially= SERBL
adult= DULT
experimentation= XERMGS
engineering= GERG
blood vessels= BLAOFLS
require= RAOIR
therefore= THR-FR
easier= AOERZ
biologist= BAOILGT
titanium= TAOI/TAIN/Y*UM
structurally= STRURL/LI
complex= KPLEX
challenge= KHAL
solution= SLAOUGS
cartilage= KLAJ
once= WUNS
environment= VAOIRMT
similar= SLAR
bioreactor= BAOI/O*E/RAOERKT
temperature= TEM
humidity= HAOUMTD
oxygen= SHEN
incubate= ING/AOU/BA*IT
mold= MOELD
material= TAOERL
provided= PROID
we’ve= WAO*EF
ready= R-D
humans= HAOUMS
integrate= SBRAET
skin= SKIN
largest= LARJT
burned= BURND
quickly= QIK/LI
massively= MAFS/LI
infections= N-FXZ
we could= WEKD
normal= NOL
healthy= HOILT
as much= S-FP
holy= HOIL
surgery= SURG
gun= G-N
deposition= DEPGS
wound= WOUND
something= S-G
you’d= *UD
police officer= PLOIFR
Pennsylvania= PEN/PEN
attended= TAEND/-D
July= JUL
party= PAERT
bonfire= BON/FAO*IR
individual= VID
gasoline= GAS/LAO*EN
right side= R-DZ
shoulder= SHOURLD
entire= SBAOIR
photo= FOET
second degree= S-D
piece= PAOES
too long= TAONG
doctors= DR-S
procedure= PRAOER
interested= TR-D
if I would= F*ILD
sophisticated= SFIFKTD
devise= DWAOIZ
control= KROEL
water= WAURT
prepared= PRAOEPD
they were= THERP
have been= V-B
fragile= FRAJ
solves= SOFLS
and a half= NAF
biopsy= BAOIPZ
this is= TH-S
it was= T-FS
Friday= FRI
follow up= FLUP
Monday= MOND
experimental= XERMT/A*L
dozen= DOZ
baby= BAEB
arrived= RAOIFD
forest= FREFT
Manhattan= MANT
project= PROJ
strategies= STRAJS
discard= SDARD
kidney= KAOEND
matrix= MAI/TR*IX
cellular= SLAOUR
attach= TAFP
protein= PRAOEN
secreted= SKRAOETD
itself= T-Z
jello= JEL/O*E
engineer= GER
foundation= FOUNGS
for example,= FOERX
regeneration= RAOE/JAIGS
differentiate= DIFRNT
tissues= TIRBZ
embryonic= KBRO*NG
fertilized= FERT/LAO*IDZ
ultimate= ULT
it can= T-K
all the= AULT
example= X-M
embryo= KBROE
embryos= KBROES
reject= JEKT
controversial= TROEFRL
because= BAUS
inside= N-DZ
response= SPONS
powerful= POUF
possibility= POBLT
liver= LIFR
derive= DRAOIF
bladder= BLAERD
bifida= BIF/DA* or BIF/A/DA* or BIF/FA/DA*
nerves= NEFRBS
spinal= SPAOINL

fully= FLUL
spinal cord= SPAOINLD
bowel= BOUL
fluid= FLAOUD
facing= FAIGS
dialysis= DAOILZ
failure= FLUR
ideal= YAOEL
learning= LERNG
internal= SBERNL
hollow= HOL/O*E
solid= SLOD
billion= B-L
sugar= SHURG
trillions= TR-LS
network= TWORK
capillaries= KAP/LA*ERS
laboratory= LABT
Cambridge= KAIM/BR*IJ
twenty= TWRNT
years ago= YAOERGS
purpose= PURP
development= VEMT
guidance= GAOINS
systems= ST-MS
missile= M*IFL
defense= D-FNS
effort= EFRT
microns= MAOI/KRO*NS
diameter= DAOIRMT
width= W*ITD
silicon= SIL/KO*N
wafer= WA*IFR
diseased= D-DZ
routine= RAOUNT
rigorously= RIG/R*UFL
precise= PRAOIF
expensive= XEFNS
candy= KAEND
artificial= ART/F*IRBL
chemist= KHEM/IFT
physics= F*IFX
capillary= KAP/LA*ER
fiber= FAOIRB
replicate= REP/KA*IT
geometry= GAOEMT
especially= EP
local= LOEL
rotational= RAEGS/A*L
supermarket= SPR-RKT
caramel= KAR/A/M*EL
arteries= AERTS
veins= VAINS
allow= LOU
connect= KEKT
smaller= SMAURL
simulate= SMAILT
synthetic= STHEK or STH*EKT
natural= NARL
closer= KLOERS
dissolve= SDOFL
away= WA*I
mimic= MIM/*IK
decades= DAEDZ
boost= BAOFT
capacity= KPAFT
efficient= FIRBT
fetus= FAOETS
gestation= JEFGS
nineteen= NAOEN
amputate= AFRPT
fetal= FAOELT
certain= SERN
species= SPAOES
limitations= LIMGSZ
interesting= TR-G
animals= ANLS
salamanders= SAL/MAN/D*ERS
limbs= LIMS
scientific= SAOIFKT
axolotls= AX/A/LOT/*LS
Ambystoma= AM/BIS/TOE/MA*
mexicanum= MEX/KAN/*UM
for the most part= F-RMT
genes= GAOENS
elbow= *EBL
asleep= SLAEP
pretty= PRIT
migrate= MAOIGT
amputation= AFRPGS
site= SAO*IT
stump= STUFRP
trigger= TRIRG
divide= DWAOI
visible= VIFBL
collection= KLEX
infancy= FANZ
hatched= HAFPD
digits= DIJS
months= MOS
exact= X-KT
possible= POB
mammals= MAM/A*LS
scar= SKAR
evolved= EFLD
latent= LAINT
awaken= WOING
scar tissue= SKIRB
normal= NOL
responds= SPONZ
injury= JER
sphere= SFAOER
hobby= HOIB
Cincinnati= SN-NT
customer= KMER
airplane= AIRP
finally= FLAOINL
backwards= BAURDZ
stooping= STAOPG
behind= HIND
I said= IDZ
engine= N-J
cut= K*UT
inch= N-FP
bottom= BOT
standard= ST-D
proposing= PROEPG
serendipitous= SERN/DIP/T*US or SER/*EN/DIP/T*US
coincidences= KWOINSZ
brother= BROER
practice= PRA
medical school= MAOL
coincidence= KWOINS
year= Y-R
barbed= BA*RBD
powered= POURD
horse= HORS
fingertip= FIRNGT
vial= VAOIL
label= LAIBL
veterinarian= VER/NA*IRN
did I believe= SDIBL
I didn’t know= YIN
completely= KPLAOELT
applications= PLIGSZ
period= PERD
layer= LAIR
processed= PROS/-D
collaborated= KLABD
formulation= FLAIGS
component= KPOENT
together= TOGT
somehow= SHOU
ability= ABLT
out of the= OUFT
noticed= N-TS/-D
myself= MAOIZ
might be= MAOIB
substance= SB-
intrigued= SBRAOEGD
2005= TWOUF
fragment= FRAGT
thigh= THAOI
shrapnel= SHRAP/NE*L
chicken= KHIK/*EN
physical therapist= FAERPT
volumetric= VAOUM/M*ERKT
fractured= FRAURD
bone= BOEN
significantly= SILG
vessel= VEFL
perfect= P-FRT
subject= SUBT
firmer= FRIRM
operations= PRAIGSZ
incision= KB-FGS
weaker= WAERK
suppressed= SPREFD
scarring= SKARG
realized= RAELDZ
molecules= MOL/KAO*ULS
recruits= KRAOUTS
signals= SNALS
enough= NUF
Hernandez= HERNZ or HERNDZ
surface= SFAS
daughter= DAUR
becomes= B-KS
awesome= AUFM
ethical= TH*EBLG
first time= FIRMT
privilege= PRIF
donor= DMOR
aortic= AORKT
valve= VAFL
purged= PURJD
as far as= SFARS
similarities= SLARTS
billions= B-LS
ventricle= VENT/KA*L
covered= KOFRD
contracting= KR-GT

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September 25 2017

Medical Monday: Ileitis

Ileitis is the inflammation of the ileum (the lower three fifths of the small intestine).

Machine Briefs:
OPTION #1: ileitis= IL/YAOITS
OPTION #2: ileitis= IL/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: ileitis= IL/YI/AOITS
OPTION #4: ileitis= IL/YI/AOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/T*IS
OPTION #6: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/*IS

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August 21 2017

Medical Monday: Hypobarism

Hypobarism is: “A condition brought about when the pressure of the gases within the body is in excess of the atmospheric pressure.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #2: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #3: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #4: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/IFM
OPTION #5: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #6: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #7: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #8: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #9: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/IFM
OPTION #10: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/R*IFM

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July 24 2017

Medical Monday: Heteroplasty

Heteroplasty is defined as: “A plastic operation in which the portion grafted is taken from an organism or person other than the patient.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #2: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #3: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #4: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLA*EFT
OPTION #5: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #6: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #7: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #8: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLA*EFT

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May 22 2017

Medical Monday: Ketosis

Ketosis is “excessive formation or secretion of ketones in the body, as in acidosis, diabetes, etc.” Ketones are acids that are built up when the body doesn’t have enough glucose to create energy, so it burns stored fats instead.

OPTION #1: ketosis= KAOE/ TO*EZ
OPTION #2: ketosis= KAOE/ TOE/S*IS

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May 8 2017

Medical Monday: Fremitus

Fremitus is defined as follows: “A vibration or tremor, resulting from a physical action such as speaking or coughing, felt by hand and used to assess whether the chest is affected by disease.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: fremitus= FREM/A/T*US
OPTION #2: fremitus= FREM/MA/T*US
OPTION #3: fremitus= FREM/T*US

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