April 15 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Logan

somewhere else= SWR-LS
in the morning= NORNG
I remembered= IRMD
I think= AOING
you understand= UNDZ
thank you= THAUNG
you’re welcome= YOURM
did you do= SDAOUS
I don’t want= YOPT
I can’t just= YAJT
when I was= WHIFS
I believe= AOIBL
must have been= MUFB
of course,= -FX
did you get= SDUGT
such as= SUFPS
personal property= PORP
I don’t know= YON
if you are= FUR
it is= T-S
it was= T-FS
more than= MORN
it feels= T-FLS
to see= TOZ
I want= IPT
long time= LONGT
too many= TAOM
years ago= Y-RGS
ocean= OEGS
belong= BLONG
North Dakota= N-D/N-D
Oregon= OR/OR
Mexican= MEX/KA*N
South Dakota= S-D/S-D
Lopez= LOEPZ
Charles= KHARLS
classifies= KLAFS
America= MERK
Canada= KAN/DA*
illegal= ILG
weapons= WEPS
American= MERN
mutant= MAOUNT
attack= TW-K
military= MILT
family= FAEM
text= TEGT
sightings= SAOIGTS
listening= L-NG
questions= QES
communicating= KMUNG
have I been= VIB
recognize= REK
Logan= LOEG/A*N
Xavier= EX/SA*IFR
business= BIS
statue= STAUT
years= Y-RS
booze= BAOZ
really= R-L
very= VE
lawyer= LAUR
easements= AOEFMTS
muscle= MUFL
survival= SWAOIFL
especially= EP
disease= D-Z
property= PRORT
homework= HOERK
temporary= TRAER
stricken= STRIN
you needed= UFRND
receiver= SAOEFR
Alzheimer’s= ALZ
something= S-G
absolutely= SLUL
yourself= YOURZ
Juárez= WAR/R*EZ
eminent= EM/N*ENT
purpose= PURP
easy= AOEZ
derive= DRAOIF
actually= TWAEL
language= LANG
leotard= LAOE/TA*RD
hometown= HOEMT
dessert= SDERT
nature= NAUR
colleagues= KLAOEGS
delayed= DLAID
resistant= RAOEFNT
redemption= RAOE/DEFROGS
decent= DAOE/SENT
plenty= PLENT
delicious= DLIRBS
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
safety= SAIFT
child= KHAOILD
mother= MOER
how long= HOUNG
children= KHIRN
father= FA*ER
mistaken= MAENG
daughter= DAUR
inside= N-DZ
promise= PROM
business= BIS
seizures= SHURSZ
speciation= SPERB/YA*IGS
alive= LOIF
enhanced= KBHANS/-D
mistake= MAEK
stupid= STAOUPD
liberty= LIBT
wolverine= WOFRL/RAO*EN
pursuing= PRAOUG
disappointment= SPOIMT
steak= STAEK
supplies= SPLAOIZ
repeat= RAOEPT
position= POGS
whatever= WHAFR
everything= EFRG
better= BERT
respect= R-PT
brutal= BRAOUL
boy= BOI
boyfriend= BOIF
control= KROEL
controlling= KROELG
precisely= PRAOIFL
random= RAOND
realize= RAELZ
going= G-G
all right= L-RT
stories= STOERS
deserve= SDEFRB
syrup= SRUP
beginning= GING
domain= DMAIN
beverage= BEFRJ
Westchester= WEFRPT
cinema= SIN/MA*
country= KUNT
provide= PROI
travel= TRAFL
perfect= P-FRT
perfectly= P-FRLT
medicine= MED
paralysis= PRALS
degenerative= DEFGT
quarter= QAERT
machine= M-N
nurture= NAOURT
yourself= YOURZ
stronger= STRORNG
haven= HAIFN
importance= PORNS
poisoned= POIFND
sepsis= SEP/S*IS
thousand= THOU
cooperation= KAOPGS
barbiturate= BARBT
liability= LAOIBLT
special= SPERB
ibuprofen= PROEFN
copyrights= KPAOERTS
difficult= DIF
without= WOUT
pharmaceutical= FARL
certificates= SERS
intransigent= SBRANZ
octogenarian= OK/TA/JA/NA*IRN
nonagenarian= NON/JA/NA*IRN
patents= PA*ENTS
problem= BLEM
we got= WE*GT
Shanghai= SHAING/HAO*I
clairvoyant= KLAIR/VO*INT
destruction= SDRUX
barrier= BAR/Y*ER
cash= KARB
Gabriella= GAB/RAOE/EL/LA*
adamantium= AD/A/MANT/Y*UM

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