September 10 2018

Medical Monday: Rachitis

Rachitis is rickets. Rickets is “A disease or early childhood, chiefly due to a deficiency of calcium salts as provided by vitamin D, characterized by softening of the bones and consequent deformity.”


OPTION #1: rachitis= RA/KAO*ITS
OPTION #2: rachitis= RA/KAOI/T*IS
OPTION #3: rachitis= RA/KAOIT/*IS
OPTION #4: rachitis= RA/KAOIT/T*IS

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September 6 2018

Merriam-Webster’s Word Of The Day: Quiddity

Quiddity is defined as follows: “(1) Whatever makes something the type that it is. Essence. (2a) A trifling point. Quibble. (2b) An unusual personal opinion or habit. Eccentricity.”


OPTION 1: quiddity= QID/T*I
OPTION 2: quiddity= QID/TAO*E
OPTION 3: quiddity= QID/A/T*I
OPTION 4: quiddity= QID/DA/T*I
OPTION 5: quiddity= QID/A/TAO*E
OPTION 6: quiddity= QID/DA/TAO*E

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