November 18 2016

Medical Briefs And Phrases From Doctor Strange

oxygen= SHEN
crash cart= KRARB/KART
brain activity= BRAIN TIFT
scientist= SAOINT
nature= NAUR
operating table= PRAIGT TAIBL
wound= WOUND
needle= NAOELD
better= BERT
acupuncture= AUK
fibrillation= FIB/LA*IGS
Western medicine= W*ERN/MED
alive= LOIF
cardiac= KARKD
tamponade= TAFRP/NA*ID
pericardial sac= PER/YI/KARD/YA*L/SA*K
myocardia= MAOI/O*E/KARD/YA*
myogenic= MAOI/O*E/GEN*G
pressure= PRERB
body= BOED
heal= HAEL
tissues= TIRBS
stent= STENT
artery= AERT
brachial= BRAIK/YA*L
ligaments= LIGTS
bones= BOENS
nerve damage= NEFRB/DAJ
implant= KBLANT
glioma= GLAOE/O*E/MA*
fracture= FRAUR
medulla= MA/DAOU/LA*
organ= GORN
craniotomy= KRAIN/YI/OT/TO*EM
cerebral= SA/RAOE/BRA*L
spinal fluid= SPAOINL FLAOUD
brain stem= BRAIN STEM
spine= SPAOIN
burst= B*URS
stat= STAT
nervous system= NFS/ST-M
cranial= KRAIN/YA*L
nerves= NEFRBS
technique= NAOEK
procedures= PRAOERS
mania= MAIN/YA*
medicine= MED
research= REFP
recover= ROFR
cells= KRELS
treatment= TRAOEMT
self-heal= SEF/HA*EL
physical= FIS
heart rate= HART/RAIT
strength= STRENG
experimental= XERMT/A*L
severe= SWAOER
paralyzed= PARLDZ
wheelchair= WHAIR or WHAOEK
cellular= SLAOUR
regeneration= RAOE/JAIGS
stem cells= STEM/KRELS
psychosomatic= SKOE/SMA*KT
spinal cord= SPAOINL/KORD
injury= JER
shock= SHOK
hands= HANDZ
untreatable= UN/TRAOET/-BL
miracle= MIRBLG
assistant= SIFNT
doctor= DR-
patient= PAIRBT
competent= KPE
transected= TRANZ/S*EKTD
neurogenesis= NAOUR/O*E/J*ENZ
neurosurgeon= NURN
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
laminectomy= LAM/NEK/TO*EM

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