September 8 2020

Briefs And Phrases From Power Book 2: Season 1, Episode 1

Power Book 2 S1 Episode 1
battered= BAERTD
arraignment= AERNT
attorney= TOERN
self-defense= SD-FNS
scene of the crime= SKRAOIM
premeditation= PRAOEMGS
democratic= DMAKT
candidate= KAND
homicide= HOMDZ
narcotics= NARKTS
remand= RAMD
felony= FLOIN
negligent= NEJ
probation= PRAIBGS
admissible= DMIFBL
state of mind= STAIFMD
malice aforethought= M-FT
humiliated= HULTD
sociopath= SO*ERPBT
African-Americans= FRIMS
academic= DWAKD
roommate= RAOMT
political= PLIL
minority= MOIRNT
chocolate= KHOBLGT
testimony= T-M
prosecutor= PR-R
allocution= AL/KAO*UGS
perjury= PEJ
accomplice= KPLIS
privileged= PRIFD
ladies and gentlemen of the jury= LAIJS
railroaded= RA*IRLD
liquid= KLID
inheritance= HERNS
daycare= DAERK
schedule= SKELD
lieutenant= LAOUNT
booster= BAOFRT
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
are you okay= R*UK
forecast= FOERKT
sympathetic= STHIK
forensic= FRENS
ladder= LAERD
accessory after the fact= SKOIFRT
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
conspiracy= SPIRZ
arrest warrant= ARNT
assaults= SAULTS
predicate= PRED
hypothetical= H-PT
scene of the murder= SAOEFMD
subpoena= SPAOEN
Bitcoin= BIT/KO*IN
that you see= THAUZ
century= SEN
physical evidence= FAEFD
second degree= S-D
are you ready= R*URD
I object= IB
plea agreement= PLAOEMT

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