September 14 2020

Briefs And Phrases From Power Book 2: Season 1, Episode 2

Power Book 2 S1 Episode 2

chain of custody= KHAIFKD
prosecutorial= PR-L
have you been= VUB
investigator= VERGT
why you asked= YUFKD
accounting= K-GT
clarification= KLOIFGS
arrest warrant= ARNT
highlighting= HAOILGT
I didn’t think it= Y*INGT
eulogy= AOULG
legacy= LEGZ
gothic= GO*KT
literature= LIRT
biology= BAOILG
funeral= FAOURNL
ambition= BIGS
splendid= SPLEND
ventures= VURS
estate= STAET
reputation= R-PGS
negative= NEF
criminality= KRINLT
political= PLIL
agenda= JAEND
budget= BUJT
pressure= PRERB
toxic= TOX
vigil= VILG
did you even= SDUFN
did you give= SDUFG
last thing= LAFNG
roommate= RAOMT
what I said= WHAIDZ
parole= PROEL
cell phone= SLOEN
misconduct= SKUKT
baseless= BAIFLS
district attorney= DAO
circus= S*IRKS
discretion= SKREFGS
cross-examined= KR-KD
inmate= NAIT
uncle= UNG
mysterious= STRAOERBS
tribute= TRIBT
from those= FR-S
reflection= REFBGS
manifestation= MEFGS
testimony= T-M
who he was= WHOEFS
accomplice= KPLIS
jurisdictional= JURLD
legitimate= JIT
predicate= PRED
defendant= D-FT
rebuttal= RAOEBLT
yes or no= YORN
motion to dismiss= MOTD
testify= TEF

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