August 13 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 19

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19
epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN
adrenaline= DRENL
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
Washington= WARBGT
that happening= THAPG
Thai= TAO*I
in the course of= NOUFRS
Yugoslav= AOU/GOS/LO*F
to the best of our knowledge= TOURJ
dissident= SDIFNT
eighteen= AEN
immunologist= KBAOUNLGT
viral= VAOIRL
precaution= PRAUGS
aircraft= AIRK
rendezvous= ROFND
phone calls= FOENGS
ask you the= SKUT
should have known= SHUFN
walk the= WAUKT
point of view= POIF
filth= F*ILT
filthy= FOILT
front of= FROFNT
particulates= PLARLTS
they’ve been= TH*EFB
derivatives= DR*IFTS
driver’s license= D-LNS
credit cards= KRERKDZ
how many times= HOUMTS
Pagosa= PA/GOE/SA*
mustache= MUFPT
mustached= MUFPTD
chromatography= KROEM/TOG/GRA*EF
engine= N-J
tobacco= TBAK
ethephon= *ET/FO*N
exterior= XAOR
Ecuador= EK/DO*R
assembling= SBLEG
periodic= PERKD
avgolemono= AV/GOE/LEM/NO*E
yolks= YOEBLGS
that mean= THAM
that I had= THAID
Archimedes= ARK/MAOE/DAO*ES
buoyant= BOINT
formula= FLA
manifests= MEFTS
what you know= WHAUN
cargo= KARG
Chesapeake= KHES/PAO*EK
contraband= KRABD
thumb= THUM
handcuff= H-F
handcuffs= H-FS
banister= BAFRNT
is this all= STHAUL

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