June 17 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 17

House Season 1 Episode 17
nausea= NAUZ
headaches= HAEKS
diagnose= D-G
cardiology= KARD/OLG or KARLG
inhibitor= KBHIRBT
medication= MEGS
tongue= TOUNG
lumbar= LUM/BA*R
puncture= PURNGT
infection= N-FX
Broca’s= BROE/KA*S
lesion= LAOEFGS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
ischemic= IS/KHAOEM/*IK
biopsy= BAOIPZ
bacterial= BABLGT
toxoplasmosis= TOX/O*E/PLAZ/MO*EZ
fungus= FUNGZ
immune system= KBAOUFMT
cancers= KAERNS
antiretrovirals= AOINT/ROERT/VAO*IRLS
fungi= FUN/GAO*I
petechial= PA/TEK/YA*L
leukemia= LAOU/KAOEM/YA*
bruising= BRAOUFG
positive= POF
nurse= NURS
disease= D-Z
immunoglobulin= KBAOUN/GLOB/L*IN
deficiency= DPIRBZ
idiopathic= ID/PA*KT
rash= RARB
lymphoma= L*IFRP/FOE/MA*
comatose= KOEM/TO*ES or KMA/TO*ES
antacid= ANT/SD*ID
Vicodin= VAOIK/D*IN
sepsis= SEP/S*IS
pneumocystis= NAOUM/O*E/SIS/T*IS
pneumonia= NAOUM
carinii= KARN/YI/AO*I
respiratory= RERPT
cell= KREL
viruses= VAO
somnambulism= SOM/NAM/BL*IFM
Epstein-Barr= EP/STAOEN/BA*R
epileptic= EP/LEP/T*IK
seizure= SHURZ
phenytoin= FEN/TO*IN
epilepsy= EPLZ
immunodeficiency= KBAOUN/DP*IRBZ
antibodies= AOINT/BO*EDZ
blood results= BLAORLTS
Addison’s= AD/SO*NS
polio= POEL/YO*E
Surgeon General= SURNG
limp= LIFRP
heart disease= HARDZ

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