June 18 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 18

House Season 1 Episode 18
pregnant= PREG
kidneys= KAOENDZ
preeclampsia= PRAOE/KLAFRPS/YA*
metastasized= MA/TAS/TA/SAO*IDZ
wrist= WRIFT
oxybutynin= OX/YI/BAO*UNT
incontinence= KB-NS
creatinine= KRAOE/AT/N*IN
miscarriages= SKAERJS
pregnancy= PREGZ
physiology= FIZ/OLG
autoimmunity= AOT/KBAO*UNT
vasculitis= VAFK/LAO*ITS
magnesium= MAG/NAOEZ/Y*UM
potassium= POE/TAZ/Y*UM
pneumonia= NAOUM
proteins= PRAOENS
antibiotics= AEBTS
cramps= KRAFRPS
terbutaline= TER/BAOUT/LAO*EN
labor= LAOB
contraction= KRAX
myasthenia= MAOI/AS/THAOEN/YA*
endoscopy= EN/DOS/KPAO*E
eyelids= Y-LDZ
drooping= DRAOPG
esophagus= AOE/SOF/G*US
X-ray= XRAI
granuloma= GRAN/AOU/LOE/MA*
calcification= KALS/FA*IGS
paraneoplastic= PAR/NAOE/O*E/PLA*FKT
Lambert-Eaton= LAM/B*ERT/AOE/TO*N
lungs= LUNGS
chemo= KMOE
radiation= YAEGS
C-section= SKR-X
health care= HAEK
biological= BL-L
oncologist= ON/KO*LGT
abscesses= AB/S*ESZ
clinical trial= KLINLT
clinical trials= KLINLTS
hemorrhoids= HEM/RO*IDZ
research= REFP
patient= PAIRBT
angiogenesis= ANG/YOE/GE*NZ
blood vessels= BLAOFLS
remission= RAOEMGS
neonatal= NAOE/O*E/NA*ILT
infantile= FANLT
incubator= *ING/BA*IRT
fetal= FAOELT
drug trial= DRURLGT
pulmonary= PUL/NA*ER
edema= A/DAOEM/A*
embolus= KBLUS
embolism= KBLIFM
lung cancer= LAERN
unconscious= KOUNS
streptokinase= STREP/TOE/KAOI/NA*IZ
hemodynamically= HAOEM/O*E/DLAO*ING
systolic= SIS/TL*IK
septic= SEP/T*IK
abdomen= ABD
intubate= SBAOUBT
thymus= THAOI/M*US
DiGeorge= DA/JO*RJ
genetic= GENGT
gland= GLAND

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