April 17 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 15

House Season 1 Episode 15
dizzy= DOIZ
leprosy= LEP/SAO*E
examine= X-
coma= KMA
metabolic= MET/BL*IK
poisoning= POIFNG
Glasgow= GLAS/GO*E
diabetes= DAOIBTS
placebos= PLA/SAO*EBS
malpractice= M-P
subdural= SUB/D*URL
hematoma= HAOEM/TOE/MA*
pseudomembranes= SAOUD/O*E/BRA*ENS
neurologist= NAOURLGT
evacuate= AOEF
hepatitis= HEPTS
serologies= SERLGS
autoimmune= AOT/KBAO*UN
meningitis= MENGTS
abdominal= ABL
comatose= KOEM/TO*ES
proximate cause= PRAUZ
chronic= KRO*NG
albumin= AL/BAO*UM
estrogen= STROENG
biopsy= BAOIPZ
transplant= TRAPLT
blood test= BLAOT
bodily fluids= BOLDZ
crisis= KRAOIZ
pressure= PRERB
systolic= SIS/TL*IK or STLIK
septic= SEP/T*IK
varices= VAR/SAO*ES
lymphocytic= L*IFRPT
fibrosis= FAOIBZ
emphysema= EFRP/SAO*EM
blood count= BLAONT
interferon= INT/F*ERN
genetics= GENGTS
allosteric= AL/O*E/ST*ERK
inhibitor= KBHIRBT
medicine= MED
nose= NOEZ
toxic= TOX
allergy= LAOERJ
ornithine= ORN/THAO*EN
transcarbamylase= TRANZ/KAR/BAM/LA*IZ
protein= PRAOEN
herbal= HERBL
clinic= KLIN

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