August 14 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 20

House season 1 episode 20
examining= X-G
examination= X-GS
wheelchair= WHAOERK
pupil= PAOUPL
teeth= TAO*ET
edema= A/DAOEM/A*
optic= OP/T*IK
nerve= NEFRB
ischemia= SKAOEM/YA*
tissue= TIRB
jawbone= JAUB
angiogram= JO/GRAM
peripheral= PRIFRL or PEFRL
vasculitis= VAFKTS
neuropathy= NAOUR/PA*ET
cardiac= KARKD
emboli= EM/BLAO*I
blood samples= BLAOFRPLS
clinic= KLIN
aphasia= A/FAIZ/YA*
needles= NAOELDZ
pulmonologist= PUL/NO*LGT
acupuncturist= AUKT
homeopathic= HOEM/YOE/PA*KT
chiropractor= KHAOIRT or KHAOIRPT
sensitivity= SNEFT
naturopath= NAT/ROE/PA*T
practitioner= PRAR
bruising= BRAOUGZ
prescription= PRIPGS
muscles= MUFL
measure= MUR
insert= SNERT
painful= PAIFL
toxic= TOX
mitral= MAOI/TRA*L
prolapse= PROE/LA*PS
valve= VAFL
aneurysm= AN/R*IFM
endocarditis= SBOE/KAR/DAO*ITS
carotid= KROTD
angiogram= JORM
medical evidence= MAEFD
vitals= VAO*ILTS
monitors= MORNTS
stethoscope= ST*ET/SKO*EP
blood clots= BLAOKTS
pharmacy= FARMZ
acetaminophen= A/SET/MAOEN/F*IN
treatment= TRAOEMT
surgical= SURL
strangulation= STRAINLGS
strangulations= STRAINLGSZ
coma= KMA
hospital= HOPT
nose= NOEZ
osteomyelitis= OFT/YOE/MAO*ILTS
blood tests= BLAOTS

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