August 14 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 20

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 20
language= LANG
Stepanska= STA/PAN/SKA*
member of= MEFB
depreciate= DPRAOERBT
whispering= WHIFRPG
Nebraska= N*E
scrupulous= SKRAOUPLZ
delightful= DLAOIFLT
Denver= DEFRN
pivotal= PIFLT
opposition= PAOGS
proclivities= PROE/KL*IFTS
victory= VOIKT
methicillin= M*ET/S*INL or M*ET/SIL/*IN
staphylococcus= STAF/LOE/KOK/*US
aureous= AUR/YUS
bacteria= BAKT
in return= KBRURN
accelerate= SLERT
thresholds= THREFLDZ
collision= KLIGS
generate= JAIT
kilonewtons= KIL/O*E/NAO*UNTS
Manhattan= MANT
salesman= SMAN
entry point= SBRIPT
luxury= LUX
minions= MIN/YO*NS
out of bounds= OUFBDZ
you’ve been= *UFB
Lancaster= LAN/KA*FRT
listen to= L-NTD
try to= TRAOITD
concussion= KUNGS
vehicle= VAOEK
destination= SDMAIGS
heroic= HOIRK
hero= HOER
Patrick= PARKT
sympathy= STHI
dissipate= SDPAIT
stippling= STIPLG
primarily= PROIRL
decadence= DEK/D*ENS
Belarus= BEL/RAO*US
hospital room= H-RM
Charles= KHARLS
telephone number= TEB
schematics= SKAMTS
do you see= DOUZ
breaching= BRAEFPG
election= LEX
vacancy= VAIKZ
calling the= KAULGT
vacate= VAIKT
politician= POLGS
delegation= DELGS
few minutes= FAOUMTS
conspiracy= SPIRZ
update= PAIT
misery= MIRZ
medical examiner= MAERX
monster= MOFRNT

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