June 16 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 16

House Season 1 Episode 16
I don’t feel good= YOFLGD
heart attack= HAURK
apadravya= AP/DRAF/YA*
gauze= GAUZ
Band-Aid= BAID
overdose= AUFRDZ
pediatricians= PAOED/TRI*GSZ
muscle= MUFL
depression= DPREFGS
nutritionist= NAOUGS/IFT
psychologist= SKOLGT
metabolic= BLOKT
insulin= SLIM
syndrome= SDROEM
symptoms= STOMS
hyperinsulinemic= HAOIRP/SLIN/NAOEM/*IK
euglycemic= AOU/GLAOI/SAOEM/*IK
clamp= KLAFRP
diabetic= DAOIKT
abnormalities= BORLTS
diagnosis= D-GS
stethoscope= ST*ET/SKO*EP
vasectomy= VA/SEK/TO*EM
blood= BLAOD
glucose= GLAOUKS
blood sugar= BLAORG
hyperglycemic= HAOIRP/GLAOI/SAOEM/*IK
hyperglycemia= HAOIRP/GLAOI/SAOEM/YA*
psychosis= SKOEZ
monitoring= MORNGT
blood clot= BLAOKT
hypocoagulable= HOIP/KOE/AG/LA*BL
stroke= STROEK
amygdala= A/MIG/DA/LA*
obesity= OEBT
obese= OEBS
embolus= KBLUS
liposuction= LAOIP/S*UX
plastic surgeon= PLURM
medical records= MORDZ
diet= DAO*IT
heparin= HEP/R*IN
over-the-counter= VAOURNT
warfarin= WAR/FA*RN or WAFRN
ultrasound= URLT/SOUND
biopsy= BAOIPZ
tumor= TAOURM
cosmetic surgery= KMURG
insomnia= IN/SOM/YA*
pharmaceutical= FARL
necrosis= NA/KRO*EZ
staph= STA*F
unfractionated= UN/FRAK/NA*ITD
subcutaneous= SUB/KAOU/TAIN/Y*US
stat= STAT
sedatives= SDAFTS
induced= SBAO*UFD
pregnant= PREG
abdominal= ABL
surgery= SURG
amputation= AFRPGS
mastectomy= MAS/TEK/TO*EM
Freudian= FROID/YA*N
surgical= SURL
condition- K-N
ulcers= URLSZ
vasculitis= VAFK/LAO*ITS
pyoderma= PAOI/O*E/DER/MA*
gangrenosum= GANG/RA/NOE/S*UM
sores= SOERS
hypothyroidism= HOIP/THROID/IFM
blood pressure= BLAOPS
Cushing’s= K*URBGZ
hypercalcemia= HAOIRP/KAL/SAOEM/YA*
cortisol= KORT/SO*L
hypercortisolism= HAOIRP/KORT/SOL/IFM
adrenals= DRAOENLS
pituitary= PA/TAOU/TA*ER
hormone= HOERM
nerves= NEFRBS
arteries= AERTS
sinuses= SAO*INSZ
transsphenoidally= TRANZ/FA/NOID/LY
gland= GLAND
incision= KB-FGS
microscope= MAOIRK/SKO*EP

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