August 15 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 21

House season 1 episode 21
tumors= TAOURMS
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
varicose= VARKS
pregnant= PREG
narcotics= NARKTS
ankle= A*INLG
osteogenesis= OFT/YOE/G*ENZ
imperfecta= KB-FRT/A*
myeloma= MAOI/LOEM/A*
vascular= VAFBLG
tendinitis= TEND/NAO*ITS
operate= PRAIT
degenerative= DEFGT
nodule= NOD/AO*UL
thyroid= THROID
inflammation= KBLAMGS
tendons= TEND/O*NS
herniated= HERNTD
Demerol= DEM/RO*L
inflammatories= KBLARMTS
biopsy= BAOIPZ
thyroxine= THAOI/ROX/*IN
epinephrine= EP/NEF/R*IN
gender= GERND
autopsy= AUPZ
bladder= BLAERD
urethra= AOU/RAOET/RA*
calcium= KALS
intoxication= SBOX
adenoma= AD/NOEM/A*
ionized= AO*INDZ
differential diagnosis= D*IFRNLGS
kinase= KAOINZ
myoglobin= MAOI/O*E/GLOEB/*IN
osteosarcoma= OFT/YOE/SK*OEM
cancerous= KAERNZ
amputate= AFRPT
saliva= SLAOIF
infarction= IN/FARKS
necrotic= NA/KR*OKT
femur= FAOERM
bypass= BIPS
cytokines= SAOIT/KAO*INS
organ= GORN
organ failure= GORNL
cardiac arrest= KAURKT
suction= S*UX
morphine= MOFRN
amputation= AFRPGS
gluconate= GLAOUK/NA*IT
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
defibrillator= FRIB
health care= HAERK
reperfusion= RAOE/PER/FAO*UGS
injury= JER
chronic= KRO*NG

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