August 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 21

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 21
coughing= KAUFG
what time= WHAMT
backflips= BAK/FL*IPS
injured= J*URD
contagious= TAIJS
quarantine= QARNT
bureau= BRAOUR
through it= THR*UT
individual= VID
2010= TWEN
Georgetown= JORJ/TO*UN
whereabouts= WR-BTS
insisted= KBIFTD
accomplices= KPLISZ
infiltrate= KB-FLT
Christopher= KRIFRT
Danbury= DAN/B*UR/YI
deception= SDEPGS
rabbit= RABT
what’s your name= WHA*URN
follow me= FL-M
cautious= KAURBS
and he is= SKPES
that really is= THA*RLS
grievances= GRAOEFNSZ
hazmat= HAZ/MA*T
infected= N-FKTD
Cullen= KUL/*EN
tropical= TROPBLG
outbreak= TBRAEK
Africa= FRIK
assault= SAULT
biological= BL-L
superior= SYOR
elaborate= LAOEBT
outcome= OUK
sincerely= SNAOERL
virologist= VAOIRLGT
moratorium= MOR/TOR/Y*UM
airborne= AIR/BO*RN
pandemic= PAN/DEM/*IK
virus= VAOIRS
scientist= SAOINT
infectious= N-FKZ
speculation= SPLAIGS
discretion= SKREGS
disclose= SKLOES
syringe= SY-RNG
discretion= SKREGS
temperature= TEM
pathogen= PA*T/G*EN dedicated= DAETD
virology= VIRLG
delicate= DLIKT
as I recall= SIRL
precarious= PRAOERBS
Monique= MOE/NAO*EK
forefront= FOEFRNT
meningitis= MENGTS
what can you= WHA*UK
operational= PRAILGS
carbon= KBON
absorption= SORBGS
airport= AIRPT
habeas corpus= HAIRBS
indulgent= SBULGT
do you got= DO*UGT
reminiscent= REM/N*IFNT
elementary= L-RMT
preface= PREFS
classification= KLAFGS
Arlington= ARLG/TO*N
it to= T-TD
no matter= NORMT
sweetheart= SWHART
let me know= LEN
random= RAOND
in order to= NORTD
entity= SB-T
payroll= PAIRL
airline= AIRL
tactical= TABLGT
municipal= MUP
processor= PRORS
solitary= SORLT
confinement= KWAOIMT
cahoots= KA/HAO*TS
disoriented= SDOERNTD

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