May 19

Theory Thursday: Prefix Briefs Part 6

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for prefixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for prefixes.)

pre= PRAOE
pro= PROE
quasi= QAEZ
re= RAOE
retro= ROERT
ro= RO
self-= SEF
semi= SMI
sub= SUB

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  1. shelley

    can you tell me what the format symbol is for it? I somehow have made the suffix for “d” not a suffix anymore. so anytime I write it after a word it looks like this

    look d

    1. Elsie

      Hi. I use Case CATalyst. In my system the format symbol for a prefix is {Prefix}; for a suffix it’s {Suffix}.

      I hope that that helps.

      Best wishes to you!

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