October 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From El Camino

El Camino Movie Poster
Cheeto= KHAOE/TO*E
frontier= FRAOERT
person of interest= PEFRNT
Sasquatch= SAS/SKWA*FP
Hilfiger= HIL/F*IRG
Victor= V*IRKT
magnets= MANGTS
precautionary= PRAURGS
detector= SDERKT
seat belt= SBELT
speed limit= SPAOEMT
outlaw= TLAU
accurate= KRAT
chaparral= KHAP/RA*L
insurance= SNAOURNS
sideway= SDWAI
poisoning= POIFNG
Houston= HOUFNT
critical condition= KR-N
Albuquerque= AL/BA/KW*ERK
Ficus= FAOI/K*US
horticulture= HORT/KL*UR
Easter= AO*EFRT
if we have= FWEF
soup= SOUP
encyclopedia= SKPAOED
show me= SHOEM
alphabetize= AFL/BA/TAO*IZ
engineering= GERG
pizza= PIZ
pepperoni= PEP/RO*IN
and I will be= SKP*IBL
lieutenant= LAOUNT
patrol car= TROEK
handwriting= HARNG
fingerprints= F-PS
Brita= BRIT/A*
when you were going to= WHURPGTD
colorful= KLOF
Kirby= KIRB/YI
filter= FIRLT
password= PAFRD
what are you doing= WHA*URD
overtly= OEFRLT
northbound= N*B
tattoo= TAOUT
eyebrow= AOIB
Broadway= BROI
fishplate= FIRB/PLA*IT
gussets= GUS/*ETS
welding= WELGD
for it= F*RT
be able to= BAIBLTD
I can’t believe you= YA*UBL
duffle= DUFL
Sinatra= SA/NA/TRA*
bromine= BROE/MAO*EN
pineapple= PAOIN/A*EPL
Alaska= AK/AK
Okinawa= OAK/NA/WA*
Wisconsin= WIS/WIS
social security number= SBS

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