August 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 7

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 7
U.S.A.= *UZ
marching= MAFRPG
good time= GAOMT
why are you= Y*UR
army= AERM
royally= ROIL/LI
surfing= S*UFRG
dilated= DLAITD
took the= TAOKT
displacement= SDPLAIFMT
watch it= WA*FPT
launch= LAUFP
that’s right= THAERT
boorish= BAOR/*IRB
have not= V-NT
bandage= BAEJ
skateboard= SKAIBD
eighteen= AEN
to tell= TOLT
all to= AULTD
too fast= TAOFT
batteries= BRAETS
which is= KH-S
ceiling= KRAOELG
Freud= FROID
by the way= BAE
we go= WEG
delicious= DLIRBS
concept= SKEPT
interrogate= SBROEGT
have you ever been= VUFRB
I didn’t even= YIFN
prom= PRO*M
I mean= AO*IM
Nashville= NARB/V*IL
ugly= OIG
decadence= DEK/D*ENS
illusion= LAOUGS
seat belts= SBELTS
against the= GENTS
plebes= PLAOEBS
resist= RAOEFT
northeast= NAO*EFT or NAO*ES
cave= KAF
tiger= TAO*IRG
lower level= LOERL
did we= SDWAOE

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