August 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 6

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 6
at a time= TAIT
thoroughfare= THRO/FA*ER
highway= HOI
patrol= TROEL
ketchup= KEFP
Slurpee= SLURP/YI
scratch= SKRAFP
yes, of course= YEFX
approximately= P-L
straightforward= STRAIFRD
ideology= YOLG
work for= WOFR
facility= FAEFLT
gelato= JA/LAT/O*E
good thing= GAONG
what part= WHAPT
consistency= KAONZ
smithereens= SM*IRT/RAO*ENS
penetrate= PRAINT
doorway= DWAE
whiskey= WHIS/KAO*E
vodka= VOKD
about that= BHA
Rambo= RAM/BO*E
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
warriors= WRAORS
deadly weapon= DWEP
substantially= SBL-L
scissors= SKIFRS
try again= TRAOING
laughing= LAFG
sophomore= SOFRM
while it= WHAO*ILT
July= JUL
beaches= BAEFPS
library= LAOIB
identification= AOIFGS
Philadelphia= FIL/FIL
patronize= PAIT/NAO*IZ
I like it= *IBLGT
scoop= SKAOP
calvary= KAEFRL
is that it= STHA*T
where were you= WR*URP
why not= Y-NT
when you are gone= WHURNG

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