August 5 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 5

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 5
button= BON
elevators= L-FRTS
elevator= L-FRT
I can’t understand= YANDZ
sedated= SDAITD
where is he= WR*ES
try it= TRAO*IT
Illinois= IL/IL
works for= WOFRS
state of= STAIF
conspiring= SKPAOIRG
infiltrating= KB-FLGT
why me= Y-M
undercover= NOFR
bounty= BOUNT
listen to= L-NTD
right thing= RAOING
comrade= KMRAD
transport= TR-PT
promethium= PROE/MAO*ET/Y*UM
cyborg= SAOI/BO*RG
bionic= BAO*ING
mythological= M*IT/L*L
nuclear= NAOUBLG
Disney= DIZ/NAO*E
walkie= WAUK/YI
lightly= LAOILT
broadcast= BROKT
surface= SFAS
pumping= PUFRPG
I need to= IFRNTD
certifiable= SFAOIBL
gigantic= GAOINGT or GAO*INGT
first floor= F*FL
in the first place= FR-PLS
talk to= TAUKTD

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