September 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 11

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 11
Danny= DAN/YI
Davos= DA/VO*ES
protectors= PROERKTS
rebalance= RAOE/BAL
New York= NORK
why you would= YULD
why would you= Y*ULD
pilots= PAOILTS
destroyer= STROIR
without the= WOUTD
and once= SKPWUNS
do this= DO*TS
we go= WEG
wound= WOUND
care of= KAIFR
woman= WOM
compound= KPOUN
no one= NO*N
programmed= PRAMD
overcome= VUM
prejudices= PREJS
spy= SPAOI
deceiving= SDAOEFG
fifteen= FAOEN
corrupt= KRUPT
societies= SOETS
mayor= MAIR
office= OFS
medical school= MAOL
controlled= KROELD
do you understand= DOUNDZ
healer= HAERL
am I= MI
stitch= STIFP
poison= POIFN
tightly= TAO*ILT
about this= B-TS
mystery= STRAOE
over this= O*EFRTS
perimeter= PRIRMT
teacher= TAOEFRP
and she was= SKPHAOEFS
brainwashed= BRAIN/WA*RBD
nuclear= NAOUBLG
crane= KRAIN
monks= MO*NGZ
I don’t think= YONG
internal= SBERNL
infected= N-FKTD
antibiotics= AEBTS
supplies= SPLAOIZ
restore= STROER
chi= KHAOE
tablet= TABLT
fraud= FRAUD
heart attack= HAURK
massive= MAFS
ago= AG
offshore= AUF/SHOR
South America= SO*UT/MERK
bank= BA*ING
this is= TH-S
silver= SIFRL
bullet= BULT
proud= PRO*UD
so many= SOM
stretch= STREFP
meditations= MED/TA*IGSZ
hungry= HOIRNG
pizza= PIZ
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
karate= KA/RA/TA*I
pseudo= SAOUD/O*E
science= SAOINZ
stories= STOERS
tumors= TAOURMS
disease= D-Z
powers= POURS
kimono= KA/MOEN/O*E
dragon= DRAG/O*N
ultimately= LULT
elders= ERLDZ
cave= KAF
outsider= OURDZ
apologize= JAOIZ
I shouldn’t= Y-FNT
centered= STR-D
calmed= KAUMD
emotions= MAOEGSZ
pizza= PIZ
substantially= SBL-L
did you think= SDUNG
defending= D-FG
clouds= KLOUDZ
yesterday= YED
antibiotics= AEBTS
empowering= KNOURG
hospitals= HOPTS
businesses= BISZ
care about= KAIRB
horrible= HORBL
reaction= RAOEX
slice= SLAOIS
chewy= KHAOU/YI
traumatic= TRAUMT
Becca= BEK/KA*
can you believe it= K*UBLT
pickpocketing= PIK/PO*KT/-G
respecting= R-PGT
elevator= L-FRT
fortress= FOR/TR*ES
too many= TAOM
swarmed= SWARMD
data= DAT
transferring= TR-FRG
loftier= LOFT/Y*ER
ideals= YAOELS
interrogations= SBROEGSZ
did you get= SDUGT
Brian= BRAO*IN
Mary= MA*ER
Gary= GA*ER
tonight= TONT
queue= QAOU
precaution= PRAUGS
is it really= ST*RL
whatever= WHAFR
detention= DENGS
command= KMAN
if I believe= FIBL
infect= N-FKT
betray= BRAE
speeches= SPAOEFPS
arrow= ROER
I didn’t let= YILT
what I meant= WHAIMT
birthright= B*IRT/RAO*IT
mountain= MOUN

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