September 18 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 7

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 7
Silybum= SIL/YI/B*UM
marianum= MAR/YA/N*UM
milk= MIBLG
thistle= THIFLT
liver= LIFR
who is= WHOS
obsessed= OB/S*EFD
longevity= LOFNGT
can be= K-B
with the= W-T
with this= W-TS
rebellious= REBL/Y*US
confines= KWAOINS
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
legendary= LERJD
and you really= SKP*URL
into this= NAOTS
you really= *URL
punishment= PUMT
reminder= RAOIRMD
fingers= FIRNGS
tongue= TOUNG
summon= SMON
at the= TE
tournament= TOURNT
chi= KHAOE
curtain= KUR/TA*N
deathbed= D*ET/B*ED
disappear= SPAER
recognize= REK
muscle= MUFL
dealer= DLER
enjoy= GOI
secrets= SKRETS i
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
stitches= STIFPS
bruised= BRAOUDZ
I couldn’t let= YULT
Sabina= SA/BAOE/NA*
Linda= LIN/DA*
monastery= MON/STA*ER
harvest= HAFRT
plums= PLUMS
summer= SMER
ferment= FERMT
this time= TH-MT
tower= TOUR
winter= WIRNT
and my= SKPMAOI
Davos= DA/VO*ES
ask her= SKPHER
until the= N-LT
long time= LONGT
memories= MEMS
how about= HOUB
tattoo= TAOUT
unique= YAOEK
generation= JAIGS
student= STAOUNT
wield= WAOELD
chosen= KHOEFN
complicated = KPLIKTD
harness= HARNS
chi= KHAOE
enhances= KBHANSZ
focus= FOEX
definitely= DAFL
accident= SD-
Pelham= PEL/HA*M
Bay= BA*I
identify= AOIF
dump= DUFRP
how long= HOUNG
have you been= VUB
bravado= BRA/VA/DO*E
that you have= THAUF
storage= STORJ
woman= WOM
actions= -XZ
impulsive= KBUFLS
just about= JUB
and I= SKPI
severity= SWAOERT
apology= GAOE
this afternoon= TH-FRN
disaster= SDA*S
officially= FLIRBL
image= KBAJ
what about the= WHABT
what about it= WHA*BT
might be= MAOIB
cancer= KAERN
coincidence= KWOINS
do you think= DOUNG
I don’t care= YOK
to be the= TOBT
feng shui= FENG/SWA*I
angles= AENL
arrows= ROERS
employees= PLOES
mantle= MANLT
symbol= SBOL
heroin= HOIRN
package= PAJ
without the= WOUTD
watch the= WAFPT
it feels= T-FLS
significant= SIG
Hell’s Kitchen= HELS/K*IFP
immortal= KBAORLT
history= HIFT
mortal= MORLT
spirit= SPIRT
perhaps= PRAPS
last night= LAFNT
traveled= TRAFLD
yacht= YAUT
fancy= FAENS
businessman= BAM
what’s happening= WHAEPG
partly= PARLT
discreet= SDRAOET
that could= THAKD
Russians= RURB/YA*NS
Manhattan= MANT
New Jersey= NAOURJ
seaboard= SAE/BAO*RD
within= W-N
anticipated= PAETD
as long as= SLONGS
quantity= QANT
is not= SNOT
issue= IRB
chemist= KHEMT
formula= FLA
holdouts= HOLD/O*UTS
hatchet= HAFPT
problem= BLEM
lamps= LAFRPS
mailbox= MAIL/BO*X
password= PAS/WO*RD
sloppy= SLOIP
dojo= DOE/JO*E
ownership= OIP
management= MGT
language= LANG
inspiring= SNAOIRG
jealous= J-LS
cautious= KAURBS
believe me= BLEFM
negotiations= GOERBGSZ
Staten Island= STAENLD
phone calls= FOENGS
elevator= L-FRT
great deal= GRAOEL
in touch= KBUFP
illness= INLS
payroll= PAIRL
as far as= SFARS
courtesy= KURTS
Himalayan= HIM/LAI/YA*N
idiotic= ID/YO*KT
like it= LAO*IKT
dental= DENLT
serpent= SER/P*ENT
do you know= DAOUN
lease= LAOES
Brooklyn= BLIN
manufacturing= M-FG
element= L-MT
program= PRAM
elite= AOELT
university= AOUFRT
ethic= TH*EK
commitment= KMIMT
classmates= KLAS/MA*ITS
bundle= BUNLD
Veronica= VER/RON/KA*
Lawrence= LAURNS
closure= KLAOUR
emergency= M-J
ousted= O*UFTD
did she go= SDHAOEG
where is= WR-S
Anzhou= AN/SO*U
I would= ILD
plane= PLAEN
transactions= TR-XZ
embezzling= KBEFLG
mistress= MIS/TR*ES
manipulation= MIPGS
upset= SPET
technically= TLEBLG
employee= PLOE
pension= PENGS
grateful= GRAEF
genius= GAOENZ
Roxxon= ROX/SO*N

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