June 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 12

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 12

what you told= WHAULT
what’s happening= WHAEPG
resilience= RILS
Akoya= A/KOI/YA*
triple= TR*IPL
Birkin= BIR/K*IN
especially= EP
spasms= SPAFMS
symptom= STOM
electrical= LEBLG
activity= TIFT
preying= PRA*IG
powers= POURS
other than= OERN
seventeen= SFAOEN
perspective= PEFRPT
extraordinary= XOERD
look like= LAOBLG
anywhere else= NIRLS
relative= REFLT
whoever= WHOFR
episodes= SPOEDZ
receptionist= REFPGTS
radio= RAO
hospitalized= HOPDZ
influenced= FLUND
routine= RAOUNT
animal= ANL
charlatan= KHARNLT
advantage= VANG
radio station= RAOGS
backup= BUP
supply= SPLAOI
police report= PLORP
compensated= KP*END
stereo= STER
I don’t want= YOPT
centimeters= SMAOERTS
so much= SOFP
no more= NOERM
cancel= KAEL
supplier= SPLAOIR
assurance= SHURNS
twenty= TWENT
thirty= THIRT
thousand= THOU
commendable= KMENL
loyalty= LOILT
replace= PLAEFR
Cartier= KART/YA* or KART/Y*ER
espresso= ES/PRES/O*E
machine= M-N
earrings= AOERNGS
yesterday= YED
fancy= FAENS
lawyer= LAUR
consolation= SKOELGS
address= DRAES
legacy= LEGZ
monster= MOFRNT
disaster= SDA*S
available= VAIBL
headache= HAEK
menace= MENS
Dorothy= DO*RT/YI
surgery= SURG
only= OENL
reason= R-N
expense= XENS
booze= BAOZ
focus= FOEKS
ridiculous= KAOULS
expectations= XEXZ
I feel= IFL
in my= NAOI
confused= KWAOUFD
apartment= PARMT
first time= FIRMT
I can’t let= YALT
anyone else= NINLS
I don’t want= YOPT
murderer= MRURD
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
bedroom= BERM
closet= KLO*S
elements= L-MTS
Porsche= PO*RB
afford= FAURD
disappoint= SDPOINT
dirty= DOIRT
immaculate= AOE/MAK/LA*T or AOE/MAK/LA*IT
heart attack= HAURK
appreciate= PRAOERBT
bodies= BOEDZ
morgue= MORG
celebrity= SBRIT
Columbus= KLUM/B*US
crushed= KRURBD
for the record= FRORD
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
did you go= SDUG
you went= UFRG
wasn’t= WAENT
commissary= KOM/SA*ER
candy= KAEND
of course,= -FX
he would= ELD
women= WIM
build= BL-
he needs= EFRNS
damaged= DAJD
desperate= DPRAT
manipulate= MIP
money= MUN
how much= HOUFP
as quick as= SQIKS
he can= EK
maybe= MAEB
less than= LAEFN
guns= G-NS
personal= PERNL
option= OPGS
it’s= -TS
inch= N-FP
techniques= NAOEKS
reach= RAOEFP
viable= VAOIBL

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