June 21 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 13

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 13

aspirin= SPIRN
transit= TRIT
to you= TOU
too much= TAOFP
unconscious= KOUNS
from you= FRU
vitals= VAO*ILTS
sample= SAM
professionals= PROEFLS
border= BRORD
ignition= IG/N*IGS
coma= KMA
convict= VIKT
powerful= POUF
we can= WEK
pedestal= PES/STA*L
limping= LIFRPG
barf= BA*FR
this morning= THORNG
amazing= MAEGS
psychopath= SKO*EPT
to be= TOB
intense= SBENS
downward= DOURND
Tuesday= TAOUS
progress= PROG
information= N-FGS
freelance= FRAOENLS
partner= PARN
phone call= FOENG
disposable= SDPOEFBL
e-mailed= AOEMD
you have= UF
followed= FOLD
searched= SEFPD
north= NORT
summoned= SMOND
exit= XIT
priorities= PRAOIRTS
carefully= KAIFL
ashram= ARB/RA*M
zeros= S*ERS
incentives= SNIFS
chocolate= KHOKT
I didn’t tell= YIT
proof= PRAOF
severance= SWERNS
double= DUBL
impropriety= KBROE/PRAO*IT
expose= SKPOES
skeletons= SKENLTS
scorch= SKOFRP
patch= PAFP
satisfied= SAEFD
law firm= LAUFRM
unlicensed= UN/L-NS/-D
qualified= Q-FD
shingle= SHINLG
qualify= Q-F
chaturangas= KHAT/RAN/GA*S or KHAT/RANG/A*S
Adirondack= AD/RON/DA*K
literally= LAIRL
villages= VILS
rescue= SKWU
unitard= AOUN/TA*RD
gratifying= GROIFG
accomplice= KPLIS
listening= L-NG
vicinity= VINT
Westchester= WEFT/KH*EFRT
finances= F-NS
brouhaha= BRAOU/HA/HA*
badge= BAJ
psycho= SKOE
kidnapped= KIPD
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
escape= SKAEP
I think= AOING
no idea= NY-D
if anything= FAENG
occurs= KURZ
to you= TOU
goodbye= GAOIB
sweetheart= SWHART
as far as= SFARS
damage= DAJ
somehow= SHOU
standing= STANG
rubble= RUBL
let me see= LEMZ
do you see= DOUZ
weapon= WEP
weapons= WEPS
exist= XIFT
again= GEN
police= PLIS
neighborhood= NAEBD
texted= TEGTD
dangerous= DAIJS
she was= SHAOEFS
I had= ID
lost= LO*S
square feet= SKWAOET
associates= SOERBTS
office= OFS
conference= K-FRNS
numbers= NUBS
autonomy= AU/TON/MAO*E
opportunity= TAOUNT
object= OB
discretion= SDREGS
essential= SERB
legal= LAOEL
entirely= SBAOIRL
welcome= WEM
untethered= UN/T*ERTD
chosen= KHOEFN
celebrating= SBRAIGT
liquor= LIR
jumpy= JUFRP/YI
bottle= BOLT

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