June 17 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 10

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 10
have a= VA
officer= OIFR
inmate= NAIT
weapons= WEPS
overkill= AUFR/KIL
constitutional= STAOUL
nullify= NUL/FAO*I
she told= SHAOELT
special circumstances= SPERKS
privacy= PRAOIFZ
attorney= TOERN
obviously= OEFLS
difficult= DIF
stipulations= STIPGSZ
excuse me= SKAOUM
camera= KMRA
sizzle= SILZ
color= KLOR
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
confinement= KWAOIMT
tranquilizers= TRA*ING/LAO*IRSZ
visitation= VIFGS
relationship= ROIP
with your= WUR
daughter= DAUR
humane= HAO*UM
confession= FEGS
can find= K-FND
DA’s office= DA*OFS
population= POPGS
number= NUB
percent= PERS
incarceration= KRAIGS
addiction= DIX
water= WAURT
what you want= WHAUPT
history= HIFT
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
Barbies= BAR/BAO*ES
special= SPERB
preservation= PREFRBGS
tomorrow= TOM
female= FAEL
suspect= S-PT
consider= K-R
convince= KWINS
are you= RU
where are you= WR*UR
sober= SOERB
scooping= SKAOPG
story= STOER
alias= AILZ
woman= WOM
is= S-
anyone= NIN
consistently= KAONLT
pretty= PRIT
inhaler= KBHAIRL
no idea= NY-D
first place= FIRPS
cell phone= SLOEN
how much= HOUFP
you know= YAOUN
involved= VOFD
deserve= DEFRB
recovering= ROFRG
worried= WOIRD
what I would= WHAILD
months= MOS
I can’t do= YAD
I know= AOIN
inside= N-DZ
Saturday= SATD
everything= EFRG
reforming= R-FRMG
selfish= SFIRB
Guantánamo= GAUN/TAN/MO*E
downstairs= DOUNTS
I’m going= AOIMG
residue= REZ/DAO*U
including= KLUG
organic= GO*RNG
element= L-MT
interested= TR-
what do you mean= WHAOUM
chemicals= KHEMS
human being= HAOUB
liver= LIFR
kidney= KAOEND
failure= FLUR
immunodeficiency= KBAOUN/O*E/DPIRBZ
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
is it= ST-
compound= KPOUN
ingredient= GRAOENT
delay= DLAI
transfer= TR-FR
illegal= ILG
protocol= PROELT
issue= IRB
will be= L-B
equation= KWAIGS
can you get= KUGT
you should= URBD
beneficiary= BERB
really= R-L
clinic= KLIN
conscious= KONS
attacked= TW-KD
decisions= SDIGSZ
miraculous= MIRBLG/L*US
unethical= UN/TH*EBLG
profit= PROFT
eliminating= L*IMG
altogether= AULGT
vacation= VAIGS
recommended= REMD
exotic= XOKT
promise= OROM
Montevideo= MON/TAI/VA/DAI/O*E
do you remember= DOURM
minutes= MINS
Valentine’s Day= VAL/*EN/TAO*INS/DA*I
tiki= TAOE/KAO*E
paradise= PAR/DAO*IS
loyal= LOIL
to see= TOZ
mathematics= MA*KTS
diabetes= DAOIBTS
ourselves= OURSZ
lunch= LUFP
hungry= HOIRNG
vegetables= VEJS
finicky= FIN/KAO*E
will want= L-PT
leave me= LEFM
protein= PRAOEN
because of= BAUF
threshold= THREFLD
science= SAOINZ
warden= WAERND
questions= QES
journalist= JURNLT
personality= PERNLT
temper= TREFRP
so you want= SOUPT
pathetic= PA*EKT
career= KRAOER
surrender= SRERND
peacefully= PAEFL
can you= KU
investigation= VEGS
why I= Y*I
she will= SHAOEL
as fast as= SFAFTS
asleep= SLAEP
hallway= WLAI
rampage= RAM/PA*IJ
animal= ANL
I don’t= YO
coma= KMA
help= HEP
dangerous= DAIJS
Trish= TRIRB
manipulating= MIPG
especially= EP
grandparents= GRARNTS
or not= ORNT
ding= DING
24 hours= 24OURS
disappears= SPAERS
what do you do= WAO*U
pictures= PIRS
glamorous= GLAM/R*US
are you sure= RUZ
finally= FLAOINL
assembly= SBLI
you got= *UGT
paperwork= PAIRK
gratitude= GRAOUD
whatever= WHAFR
motivation= MOEFGS
and I understand= SKPIND
intentions= SBENGSZ
forgiveness= FRIFNS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
healer= HAERL
results= RULTS
business= BIS
on it= O*NT
what happened= WHAPD
as soon as= SNS
audition= AU/D*IGS
myself= MAOIZ
I don’t know= YON
how long= HOUNG
deleted= DLAOETD
emails= AOEMS
photo= FOET
yesterday= YED
I don’t believe= YOBL
location= LOEBGS
data= DAT
alone= LAON
tribute= TRIBT
achievement= KHAEMT
award= WAURD
trophies= TROEFS
suicides= SWAOIDZ

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