June 16 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 9

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 9
inflammation= KBLAMGS
yellow= YOEL
plastic= PLAFK
receipts= RAOETS
America= MERK
custody= KUD
credit card= KRERKD
justice= JUS
tranq= TRA*ING
fancy= FAENS
spaghetti= SPA/GET/YI
closure= KLAOUR
cremated= KRAOEMTD
defend= D-F
million= M-L
Labradoodle= LAB/RA/DAO*LD
Sonia= SOEN/YA*
passports= PAFRPTS
Tokyo= TOEK/Y*OE
Syria= SIR/YA*
Syrian= SIR/YA*N
celiac= SAOEL/YA*K
gluten= GLAOUNT
energy= N-RJ
diseases= D-SZ
assaults= SAULTS
crawl= KRAUL
supermax= SAOUP/MA*X
freedom= FRAOEM
Oscar= OS/KA*R
address= DRAES
suitcases= SAOUKSZ
martyr= MAR/T*ER
puppet= P*UPT
profile= PROIL
dangle= DAING/*L
atrocities= A/TROFTS
witness= W-NS
like this= LAOIKTS
persuade= PRAED
prom= PRO*M
hero= HOER
stronghold= STRONG/HO*ELD
besieged= BAOE/SAO*EJD
artillery= AR/TIL/LA*ER
control= KROEL
alley= LAEL
boyfriend= BOIF
honesty= HONTS
radio= RAO
Garcia= GARZ
blogging= BLO*G/-G
blogger= BLO*G/*ER
bloggers= BLO*G/*ERS
relax= RAEK
eggs= EGS
example= X-M
Montreal= MON/TRA*EL
Niagara= NAOI/AG/RA*
emergencies= M-JS
notices= N-TS/-S
complacent= KPLAIFNT
comforter= K-FRT/*ER
denial= D-NL
poverty= POFRT
racism= RAIFM
research= REFP
illegal= ILG
volume= VAOUM
diets= DAO*ITS
anxiety= ANGT
microbe= MAOI/KRO*EB
cancer= KAERN
afflicted= A/FLIKTD
violence= V-LS
irritant= IRNT
intestines= SBEFNTS
autoimmune= AOT/KBAO*UN
shark= SHARK
cops= KOPS
detective= DEFKT
apartment= PARMT
neither= NAOERT
finish= FINS
do you= DOU
suggest= SUG
finger= FIRNG
kidnapping= KIPG
prison= PRIS
murder= MURD
remind fel= RAOIMD
felony= FLOIN
attempted= TAEMTD
bottom= BOT
how bad= HOUBD
assume= SAOUM
to do= TAOD
romantic= ROEMT
good luck= GLUK
mistakes= MAEKS
ruminate= RUM/NA*IT
future= FAOUT
targets= TARGTS
killer= K*IRL
killers= K*IRLS
ready= R-D
is that= STHA
normal= NOL
sponsor= SPORN
distraction= SDRAX
meeting= MAOEGT
where is= WR-S
window= WID
flesh= FLERB
silencer= SLERNS
temporary= TRAER
bullet= BULT
receive= SAOEF
priority= PRAOIRT
kind of= KAOIF
dramatic= DRAUMT
family= FAEM
toward= TAORD

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