June 14 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 7

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 7 Pic 1
skeevy= SKAOEF/YI
tuition= TWIGS
mooching= MAOFPG
Bourbon= BUR/BO*N
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
Kool-Aid= KAOL/A*ID
decibels= DEFBLS
biological= BL-L
atrophy= TRAOEF
protocol= PROELT
clinic= KLIN
trauma= TRAUM
genetic= GENGT
unconscious= KOUNS
technology= T-J
memory= MEM
coma= KMA
comatose= KMA/TO*ES
precaution= PRAUGS
transferred= TR-FRD
sedatives= SDAFTS
annoyingly= NOILG
roommates= RAOMTS
boyfriends= BOIFS
girlfriends= GOIFS
solution= SLAOUGS
party= PAERT
avoid= WOI
too many= TAOM
too many times= TAOMTS
experiment= XERMT
awesome= AUFM
24 hours= 24OURS
give me a second= GIFK
in the morning= NORNG
do you like= DOUBLG
car accident= KARX
Florida= FLA/FLA
marriage= MAERJ
counselor= KOURN
opportunity= TAOUNT
sugar= SHURG
miracle= MIRBLG
heaven= HEFN
progress= PROG
therapy= THAERP
memory= MEM
biogeneticist= BAOI/O*E/JA/NET/S*IFT
excellence= XLENS
impossible= KBOB
side effects= SFEKTS
editing= Y*IGT
regeneration= RAOE/JAIGS
structure= STRUR
revolutionary= R-FLGS/NA*ER
cells= KRELS
injured= J*URD
significant= SIG
rehab= RAB
addict= DIKT
interventions= SB-FNGSZ
recovery= ROIFR
daughter= DAUR
complications= KPLIXZ
video= VAO
platinum= PLAT/N*UM
sorry= SOR
college= KLEJ
bathroom= BARM
highball= HAOI/BA*UL
agent= AGT or AEGT
beautiful= BAOUF
harassing= HARGS
venom= VEN/O*M
murderers= MRURDZ
bartender= BRERND
bartend= BREND
measurements= MURMTS
severance= SWERNS
booze= BAOZ
arrested= ARD
rephrase= RAOEFRZ
first thing= FIRG
random= RAOND
remedied= R-MD/-D
disorder= DORD
multitask= MULT/TA*FK
discharged= DARJD
accident= SD-
I don’t believe= YOBL
seriously= SAOERLZ
kidnapped= KIPD
botched= BOFPD
media= DWRA
healthy= HOILT
distance= SDANS
consonant= KONS/NA*NT
cushion= KUFGS
collar= KLAR
maiden= MAIND
animal= ANL
plumber= PLUM/*ER
idea= Y-D
license= L-NS
obvious= OEFS
Sunday= SUND
sister= ST-R
Detroit= DROIT
circle= SL-
vicariously= VAOI/KARBS/LI
McQueen= M*K/QAO*EN
burden= BURD
all of it= A*UFLT
manager= M-G
investors= VEFRS
rescue= SKWU
milligrams= MILGS
barracuda= BAR/KAOUD/A*
admin= DMIN
orange= ORNG
midnight= MAOID
neighborhood= NAEBD
investment= VEFMT
interest= TR-
Dorothy= DO*RT/YI
condolences= KAUN/DLENSZ
specifically= SPEFL
apparently= PAERNLT
brutal= BRAOUL
doorknob= DAOR/NO*B
muscle= MUFL
persuade= PRAED
quarter= QAERT
condition= K-N
text= TEGT

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