September 17 2019

5 Briefs A Day (September 17, 2019)

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September 15 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 4

Power Season 6 Episode 4

I’m right= AOIRMT
lo siento= LOE/SAOEN/TO*E
trying to be= TRAO*IBGTD
penalty= PENLT
Red Hook= RED/HAO*K
I can tell= IKT
fumigator= FAOUM/GA*IRT
poison= POIFN
temple= TEFRPL
that you made= THAUMD
custody= KUD
how about the= HOUBT
dissolution= SDAOULGS
monogram= MON/GRA*M
narrative= NAFRT
I’m going to= AOIMGTD
daycare= DAERK
Quinton= KWINT/O*N
she just= SHEJT
dissolved= SDOFLD
shipment= SHIMT
hazard= HAZ
pension= PENGS
fraudulently= FRAUNLT
Moses= MOEZ
to tell me= TOMT
this is not= TH-FNT
for me= F-RM
prosecute= PR-
prosecutor= PR-R
uniquely= YAOEBLG
primo= PRAOEM/O*E
felony= FLOIN
of it= *FT
and helps= SKPHEPS
and helps the= SKPHEPTS
there you go= THRUG
lasagna= LA/SA*NG
acknowledging= NAO*J
Picasso= PA/KAS/O*E
feminine= FEM
cubism= KAOUB/IFM
carats= KRA*TS
portion= PORGS
exam= XAM
I didn’t do= YAOID
I’ve got= AO*IFGT
against me= GEFM

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September 14 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Pearson: Season 1, Episode 3

Pearson Season 1 Episode 3
dissect= DAOIFKT
endorsement= SBORMT
classical= KLAFBLG
when I need to= WHIFRNTD
due diligence= DAOULG or DAOULGS
City Hall= STHA*UL
website= WAOIT
kitchens= KIFPS
and you told= SKPULT
gossip= GOFP
dossier= DOS/Y*ER
McMuffin= M*K/M*UFN
factory= FAOKT
candidates= KANDZ
Q & A= KWA*
intrusive= SBRAOUFS
grassroots= GRAFRTS
opening statement= OEPGS
opposing= PAO*GS
despise= DPAOIZ
ordinance= ORNS
green lights= GR-LTS
cliché= KLAOERB
Wikipedia= WIK/PAOED/YA*
self-doubt= SDOUT
babysit= BAEBT

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September 14 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Boys: Season 1, Episode 5

The Boys Season 1 Episode 5
where have you been= WR*UFB
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
cheesecake= KHAOEFK
turkey= TURK/YI
Asian= AIGS
crunchy= KRUN/YI
Honda= HOND/A*
Xanax= SA*N/A*X
pinot grigio= PAOE/NO*E/GRAOEJ/YO*E
we believe= WEBL
headliners= HED/LAO*IRNS
what he said= WHAEDZ
preschool= PRAOL
neurosurgeon= NURN
Lopez= LOEPZ
physics= F*IFKS
Albany= AL/BA*EN
airplane= AIRP
pigtails= PIG/TA*ILS
soccer= SKER
Hindu= HIN/DAO*U
input= KBUT
accessory= SKOIR
sister-in-law= ST-RNL
tea= TAE
as you can see= SUKZ
aliases= AILSZ
Trevor= TREFR
there you go= THRUG
baptize= BAPZ
baptized= BAPDZ
Twitter= TW*IRT
online= AONL
across the= KRAOTS
platitudes= PLAT/TAO*UDZ
mastermind= MAFRMD
United States of America= UMS
noir= NOIR
all of them= A*UFMT
what’s wrong= WHAENG
eggs= EGS
pineapples= PAOIN/A*EPLS
harebrained= HA*ER/BRA*IND
to just= TOJT
expectancy= XEKZ

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September 13 2019

New Word: Slofie

Steno New Word Logo CroppedSlofie is a new term that has been coined by Apple Inc. It describes a feature that can be utilized on the newest batch of iPhones. The feature allows users to take a “slow- motion selfie”; hence the term “slofie.”


OPTION #1= slofie= SLOE/FAO*E
OPTION #2= slofie= SLOEF/YI

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