January 4 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 1, Episode 1

The Punisher Season 1 Episode 1
Mexico= M*EX
Juárez= WAR/R*EZ
cartel= KARLT
cartels= KARLTS
Dublin= DUB/L*IN
Ireland= AOIRNLD
Isaac= AOIFK
anyone else= NINLS
about to= B-TD
bikers= BAOIRKS
Irish= AOI/R*IRB
if I’m= FAOIM
can you believe= KUBL
dirty= DOIRT
Donny= DON/YI
Chávez= SHA/V*EZ
gimp= GIFRP
worry= WOIR
about it= B*T
lunchtime= LUFPT
hammer= HAERM
sleepyhead= SLAOEP/YI/H*ED
tongue= TOUNG
elevator= L-FRT
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
because of= BAUF
overtime= OIM
window= WID
there he is= THRES
enemy= NAOEM
forever= FOFR
no one else= NO*NLS
sandwich= SDWIFP
boroughs= BROUGS
especially= EP
movie= M0*EF
promises= PROMS
meds= M*EDZ
Lance= LA*NS
marine= MRAOEN
corps= KOR
North Carolina= N-K/N-K
superhero= SPROER
Iraq= AOI/RA*K
Afghanistan= AF/GAN/STA*N
semper fi= SEM/PER/FAO*I
shovel= SHOFL
officer= OIFR
batch= BAFP
trooper= TRAORP
bucket= BUKT
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
filthy= FOILT
soldier= SOERJ
O’Connor= O/KO*N/O*R
pretty= PRIT
I can see= IKZ
army= AERM
defend= D-F
tyrants= TAOIRNTS
tyrant= TAOIRNT
tyrannis= TAOI/RAN/*IS
sic= S*IK
semper= SEFRP/*ER
take care= TAERK
copacetic= KOEP/S*EKT
Frank= FRA*ING
reader= RAERD
enjoyed= GOID
Lewis= LAO*US
can I get= KIGT
coffee= KO*EF
I don’t think= YONG
mirror= MROR
internet= SBET
media= DWRA
talent= TAENLT
lieutenant= LAOUNT
Curtis= KURT/*IS
passport= PAFRPT
Pete= PAO*ET
Maria= MA/RAOE/YA*
mission= MIGS
accomplished= PLIRBD
punishing= P-RBG
how often= HOUFN
conscience= K-RBS
wallowing= WLOEG
imagine= MAJ
tombstone= TAOUM/STO*EN
assigned= SO*IND
partners= PARNS
beer= BAOER
assignments= SOIMTS
junior= J-R
nevertheless= NEFRLS
approval= PROIFL
all this= AULTS
confident= K-FNT
merits= MERTS
Ahmad= A/MAD
heroin= HOIRN
Kandahar= KAN/DA/HA*R
guardian= GAURND
angel= A*EJ
racist= RAIFT
bravo= BRA/VO*E
kind of like= KAOIFBLG
tenacious= TAERBS
energetic= N-RJT
otherwise= OERZ
wolf= WOFL
peachy= PAOEFP/YI
recon= RAOE/KO*N
explosion= SPLOEGS
New York= NORK
coincidence= KWOINS
do you have= DOUF
hotshot= HOT/SHO*T
eager= AOERG
Rhonda= RON/DA*
pukes= PAOUKS
I need= AOIFRN
cousin= KUFN
what time is it= WHAO*IMTS
Shylock= SHAOI/LO*K
captain= KAPT
first aid= FRA*ED
access= SKES
therapy= THAERP
suspect= S-PT
temporary= TRAER
forty= FOURT
surgeon= SURN
believe in= BLEFN
heroics= HOIRKS
what are= WHAR
Donald= DONLD
breakfast= BREFS
license= L-NS
disappear= SPAER
I wouldn’t give= YAOFG
bullets= BULTS
I won’t say= YOES
basement= BAIFMT
Italy= IT/LI
I told= ILT
Queens= QAO*ENS
grandmother= GRO*ER
what you have to= WHAUFTD

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January 4 2019

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
senior citizen= S-RZ
senior citizens= S-RSZ
I didn’t even see= YIFNZ
let me go= L*EMG
who you are= WHOUR
who are you= WHO*UR
where you have been= WRUFB
where have you been= WR*UFB
prior to= PRAOIRTD

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January 3 2019

Stenspiration™: The Failing Forward Edition

Can't Hurt Me David Goggins“Maybe you are tackling a hundred-question test and know that you’ve bricked the first fifty. At that point, it’s extremely difficult to maintain the necessary discipline to force yourself to keep taking the test seriously. It’s also imperative that you find it because in every failure there is something to be gained, even if it’s only practice for the next test you’ll have to take. Because that next test is coming. That’s a guarantee.” -David Goggins

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

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January 2 2019

Medical Briefs From House: Season 1, Episode 10

House Season 1 Episode 10
overdose= AUFRDZ
tox= TO*X
delusion= DLAOUGS
lesions= LAOEGSZ
cancerous= KAERN/*US
twitch= TWIFP
human= HAOUM
fist= FIFT
Ativan= AT/VA*N
discharged= DARJD
blood sugar= BLAORG
diabetes= DAOIBTS
insulin= SLIN
seizure= SHURZ
tumor= TAOURM
neurologist= NAOURLGT
neurological= NAOUR/L-L
differential= D*IFRNL
patient= PAIRBT
subdural= SUB/DURL
hematoma= HAOEMT
cranial= KRAINL
trauma= TRAUM
allergies= LAOERJS
medication= MEGS
diagnoses= D-GSZ
medical treatment= MAOEMT
chemical= KHEM
magnesium= MAG/NAOEZ/Y*UM
calcium= KALS
electrolyte= TROE/LAO*IT
imbalance= KBAL
negative= NEG
tetanus= TET/N*US
implants= KBLANTS
surgical= SURL
surgically= SLURL
specialty= SPERBT
iron= AOIRN
dextran= DEX/TRA*N
anemia= NOIM
allergic= LERJ
respiratory arrest= RERPT/AR
conscious= KONS
depression= DPREFGS
Prozac= PROE/SA*K
ultrasounds= URLT/SOUND
abdominal= ABL
ovarian= OEFRN
oncologist= ON/KOLGT
blood work= BLAORK
cancer= KAERN
symptoms= STOEMS
neoplastic= NAOE/O*E/PLAFK
syndrome= SDROEM
ovaries= OEF/RAO*ES
cystic= SIFKT
necrosis= NA/KRO*EZ
tuberculoma= TAOU/BERK/LOE/MA*
rifampin= RA/FAM/P*IN
Streptomycin= STREP/TOE/MAO*IFN
antibiotics= AEBTS
poison= POIFN
biopsy= BAOIPZ
temperature= TEM
treatment= TRAOEMT
serotonin= SER/TOE/N*IN
urine= AOURN
cultures= KLURS
X-ray= XRAI
scalpels= SKAL/P*ELS
Bromocryptene= BROE/MOE/KRIP/TAO*EN
abrasions= BRAIGSZ
wrist= WR*IS
nose= NOEZ
lumbar= LUM/BAR
puncture= PURNGT
gram stain= GRAM/ST
meningitis= MEN/JAO*ITS
infection= N-FX
ceftriaxone= SEF/TRAOI/AX/O*N
sedated= SDAITD
nurse= NURS
Haldol= HAL/DO*L
milligrams= M-RMS
bacterial= BABLGT
kidney= KAOEND
Cacchi Ricci= KAK/YI/RAOE/KHAO*E
Korsakoff= KORS/A/K*OF
thiamine= THAOI/MAO*EN
heart= HART
rhythm= R*IMT
adenosine= A/DEN/SAO*EN
tachycardia= TAK/YI/KARD/YA*
superventricular= SPR-/VEN/TRIK/LA*R
arrhythmia= A/R*IT/MAOE/YA*
heart disease= HARDZ
fever= FAOEFR
numbness= NUM/-NS
deficiency= DPIRBZ
neuropathy= NAOUR/ROP/THAO*E
hydrophobia= HAOIRD/FOIB
sensitivity= SNEFT
disorientation= DOERNGS
paranoia= PAR/NOI/YA*
rabies= RAIBS

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