June 4 2018

Medical Monday: Pinta

Pinta is: “A tropical skin disease caused by a treponeme (a spirochete bacterium that is parasitic or pathogenic), and characterized by patches of discoloration. Also called carate.”


OPTION #1: pinta= PIN/TA*
OPTION #2: pinta= PINT/TA*
OPTION #3: pinta= PINT/A*
OPTION #4: pinta= PAOEN/TA*

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October 23 2017

Medical Monday: Kyphosis

Kyphosis is defined an: “Unnatural curving of the upper back that creates a hunchback appearance in the posture. [It is] often associated with osteoporosis.” Kyphosis is also known as “dowager’s hump.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: kyphosis= KAOIFZ
OPTION #2: kyphosis= KAOI/FOEZ
OPTION #3: kyphosis= KAOI/FO*EZ
OPTION #4: kyphosis= KAOI/FOE/S*IS

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September 25 2017

Medical Monday: Ileitis

Ileitis is the inflammation of the ileum (the lower three fifths of the small intestine).

Machine Briefs:
OPTION #1: ileitis= IL/YAOITS
OPTION #2: ileitis= IL/YAO*ITS
OPTION #3: ileitis= IL/YI/AOITS
OPTION #4: ileitis= IL/YI/AOI/T*IS
OPTION #5: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/T*IS
OPTION #6: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/*IS

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August 21 2017

Medical Monday: Hypobarism

Hypobarism is: “A condition brought about when the pressure of the gases within the body is in excess of the atmospheric pressure.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #2: hypobarism= HOIP/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #3: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #4: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/IFM
OPTION #5: hypobarism= HAOI/POE/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #6: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #7: hypobarism= HAOI/PA/BAR/R*IFM
OPTION #8: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/*IFM
OPTION #9: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/IFM
OPTION #10: hypobarism= HAOIP/O*E/BAR/R*IFM

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July 24 2017

Medical Monday: Heteroplasty

Heteroplasty is defined as: “A plastic operation in which the portion grafted is taken from an organism or person other than the patient.”

Machine Briefs:

OPTION #1: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #2: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #3: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #4: heteroplasty= HET/ROE/PLA*EFT
OPTION #5: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/T*I
OPTION #6: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAS/TAO*E
OPTION #7: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLAFT/YI
OPTION #8: heteroplasty= HET/RA/PLA*EFT

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