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Jul 07

Steno Machine Repair: Screen Damage

Stentura Fusion Main Screen

I take very good care of my machine. However, I must have inadvertently hit the screen with something because when I turned my machine on a few days ago, it had the above-pictured damage to the screen. I’m really attached to this machine. It’s the first professional machine that I saw in person. That was …

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Jul 05

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Portable Speaker

JBL Charge 3

I love this speaker (JBL Charge 3)! It belongs to my husband, but I’ve been using it more than he has. It’s a great sound booster for my steno dictation when I’m practicing, especially for the takes that are recorded a little low.

Mar 02

The Inventor Of The Lightspeed At The NCRA Convention

I have still not been able to give this writer a test run (the new or the old version). I wonder if this writer would work for someone like me, who is an occasional pounder. The get up and go, without requiring luggage for transportation, makes this setup very, very tempting for me.

Aug 08

When Your Pulley Matches Transit…

Blue Pulley On Bus

Dec 11

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Lines Of Text Ruler

Lines of Text Ruler

Rulers with inches divided into tenths are not that common. However, such a tool is necessary when measuring margins for Case CATalyst settings. Previously, when I needed to measure margins, I would use a paper ruler that as divided into the increments I needed. The paper ruler is on a page that is included in …

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Dec 11

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: The Foxy Mouse

Foxy Mouse

A good mouse makes all the difference. Comfort and speed is exponentially greater when using a mouse versus using a laptop mouse pad.

Apr 16

Theory Thursday: The Proper Way To Take Your Writer On & Off The Tripod

Although this video demonstration shows use of the wave/diamante model of writer, the setup technique can be used for other writer models as well.

Apr 14

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: T2 Tilting Tripod

T2 Tripod Packaged

The T2 tilting tripod allows you to tilt and pivot your steno machine. This tripod’s height adjusts from 17 1/2″ to 26″. This tripod also allows you to tilt your machine at angles that range from 28 degrees forward to 12 degrees backward.

Feb 17

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Laptop Tray

This laptop tray seems interesting. It looks a little shaky at a couple of points in the video. However, I like the versatility of its positioning. I have either this one or a similar one on order as a gift. I’ll do an update on this contraption as soon as I receive my gift and …

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Oct 02

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Zoom H2 Recorder

Zoom H2

I’ve had this nifty little recorder for quite some time. I used it to record dictation in school. In addition to being a great recorder, the Zoom H2 can also serve as a USB microphone. The Zoom H2 has some handy features such as: Four microphones that can record on two or four channels, an …

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