December 26 2012

Rules Of Grammar: Capital vs Capitol

Capital is used in reference to the following:
1) A city or town.
2) A capital letter.
3) Wealth, whether in money or in property.
4) Any type of a source of profit.
5) Capitalists as a group or a class.
6) Principal; something of the highest importance.
7) Excellence, or something that is first-rate.
8) An act punishable by death. (For example, “capital punishment.”)
9) Something fatal or extremely serious. (For example, a “capital error.”)

Capitol is used in reference to the following:
1) The building in Washington, D.C., used by the United States Congress for its sessions.
2) A building occupied by the state legislature.
3) The Capitoline in Rome.

Machine Briefs:
capital= KPAL
capitol= KPOL

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