August 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 4

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 4
gotcha= GOT/KHA*
builders= BL-RS
refused= R-FS/-D
bushmaster= BURB/MA*FRT
ambushed= AM/B*URBD
equipment= QIMT
Eric= ER/*IK
Benét= BA/NA*I
wait a minute= WAIMT
citizen= SIZ
suspect= S=PT
Rhonda= RON/DA*
Bailey= BA*IL/YI
Rousey= ROU/SAO*E
freelance= FRAOENLS
rehab= RAB
investment= VEFMT
million= M-L
precipice= PRES/P*IS
madam= MAMD
highness= HAOINS
minor= MOIRN
details= SDAILS
complexities= KPLEKTS
invisible= KB-FBL
franchise= FRAN/KHAO*IZ
Caymans= KA*I/MA*NS
power of attorney= POERN
collateral= KLARL
positive= POF
New York= NORK
canvas= KWAS
Carson= KAR/SO*N
exclusive= XLAOUFS
Bingham= BING/HA*M
chronicler= KRON/KAL/*ER
lunge= LUJ
luggage= LUG/A*J
is to be= STOB
crystal= KRIFLT
video= VAO
message= MEFJ
million dollars= M-LDZ
with us= WUS
inventory= VEN
Cornell= KORNL
Monte Carlo= MON/TAO*E/KAR/LO*E
Dubrovnik= DAOU/BROF/N*IK
Joburg= JOE/B*URG
future= FAOURT
apartment= PARMT
sublet= SBLET
damage= DAJ
victim= VIM
Brooklyn= BLIN
arsenal= AFRNL
radar= RAIRD
envelope= N-FL
afraid= FRAID
idea= Y-D
engagement= GAEMT
you remember= URM
Iyanla= AOI/YAN/LA*
alibi= AEB
sidearm= SARM
grenades= GRA/NA*IDZ
Connor= KON/O*R
are you sure= RUZ
this is= TH-S
distress= SDRES
voices= VOISZ
go ahead= GHAED
Christmas= KMAS
doghouse= DAUG/HO*US
touche= TAOU/SHA*I
when I was= WHIFS
Bernie= BERN/YI
Madoff= MAID/O*F
valuations= VALGSZ
benefits= BEFS
negotiable= GOERBL
tenure= TEN/AO*UR
Ms.= M-Z
do you know= DAOUN
zombie= SO*M/BAO*E
squad= SKWAD
warehouse= WROUS
neighborhood= NAEBD
encounter= KBOURNT
dismantle= SDMANLT
always= AULS
opinion= P-N
violence= V-LS
priority= PRAOIRT
torso= TOR/SO*E
traffic= TRAFK
deported= DPORTD
punchy= PUFP/YI
expunged= XUNGD
combine= KBAOIN
together= TOGT
from your= FRUR
reliever= RAOE/LAO*EFR
arrange= ARNG
customers= KMERZ
baggage= BAG/A*J
heavy= HEF
to give= TOFG
subject= SUBT
prison= PRIS
successful= SK-FL
injury= JER
battlefield= BALT/FAO*ELD
chemicals= KHEMS
stronger= STRORNG
smooth= SMAO*T
leather= L*ERT
sweetsop= SWAOET/SO*P
basically= BAIFL
ghetto= GHOET
beatdown= BAOET/DO*UN
everyone= EFRN
teachers= TAOEFRPS
is there= STHR
you can see= UKZ
herbal= HERBL
concussion= KUNGS
symptoms= STOMS
sensitivity= SNEFT
definitely= DAFL
if you see= FUZ
give me= GIFM
yes, sir= YES
photo= FOET
last night= LAFNT
Sheldon= SHEL/DO*N
bushman= BURB/MA*N
repeat= RAOEPT
bottom= BOT
below= BLOE
belly= BLAOE
superior= SYOR
Yankee= YA*ING/YI
uptown= AUPT
sugar= SHURG
last time= LAFMT
this time= TH-MT
taller= TAURL
would you like= WOUBLG
public= PUB
service= SEFS
renovate= REN/VA*IT
interior= SBAOR
ancestor= AN/S*EFRT
erase= AOE/RA*IS
magic= MIJ
science= SAOINZ
music= MAOUK
you can see= UKZ
frozen= FROZ
pleasure= PLERB
enjoy= GOI
precarious= PRAOERBS
kingdom= KING/DO*M
nephew= NEF/AO*U
so much= SOFP
at all= TA*UL
connected= KEKTD
infiltrate= KB-FLT
information= N-FGS
elephant= EL/FA*NT
stomach= STUM
kidney= KAOEND
San Diego= SAN/DAOEG
transplant= TRANLT
donor= DPHOR
match= MAFP
tomorrow= TOM
wow= WO*U
happy= HAEP
figure= FIG
hotel= HOELT
window= WID
brother= BROER
Lucas= LAOU/KA*S
county= KOINT

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