August 30 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 6

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 6
guppy= GUP/YI
hesitating= HEZ/-G
ribbon= RIB/*ON
macabre= MA/KA*RB
severed= SWEFRD
emerging= MAOERJ/-G
reports= RORPS
impresario= KB/PAR/SAR/YO*E
talent= TAENLT
cabs= KABS
flood= FLAOD
barbershop= BAERB/SHO*P
corner= KRORN
aunt= AUNT
out of= OUF
Alvarez= AL/VA/R*EZ
billion dollar= B-LD
sprained= SPRAIND
splint= SPLINT
question= QE
Alamo= AL/MO*E
expect= XEKT
national= NAL
fifty= FAET
in the hospital= NOPT
testify= TEF
probable cause= PRAUS
contaminated= TAMD
investigation= VEGS
Donovan= DON/VA*N
apartment= PARMT
firecracker= FAOIR/KRA*RK
escalates= SKLAITS
Mercedes= MER/SAI/DAO*ES
notice= N-TS
Wall Street= WAUL/STRAO*ET
connections= KEXZ
Otis= O/TIS
gully= GUL/YI
sayonara= SAOI/NA/RA*
paperwork= PAIRK
kidnap= KIP
steroids= STERDZ
posse= POS/YI
posses= POS/YIS
pirates= PAOIRTS
Andre= ON/DRA*I
Jackson= JAFN
lesson= LEFN
exciting= XAOIGT
cousin= KUFN
Cornell= KORNL
rooftops= RAOF/TO*PS
cooperate= KAOPT
insider= N-RDZ
illegal= ILG
everybody= EFRB
weather conditions= WHR*NS
intelligent= TEJ
vitamin= VAOIMT
water= WAURT
Coca-Cola= KOE/KA/KOE/LA*
trump= TRUFRP
legal= LAOEL
manage= MANG
services= SEFS
analytics= AN/LIT/T*IKS
power of attorney= POERN
assets= SAETS
temporarily= TRAERL
you said= UDZ
private= PRAOIFT
ethics= TH*EKS
Sephora= SA/FOR/RA*
quarters= QAERTS
pension= PENGS
right arm= RARM
sugarcoat= SHURG/KO*ET
consult= SKULT
department= D-PT
confidential= K-FL
guilty= GELT
discovered= SKOFRD
body= BOED
paramedic= PARMD
poisons= POIFNS
reaction= RAOEX
you were= URP
believe me= BLEFM
machine= M-N
auntie= AUNT/YI
disrespect= DR-PT
country= KUNT
scratch= SKRAFP
nursing= NURGS
engineering= GERG
education= JAEGS
as long as= SLONGS
unraveled= UN/RAFLD
stubborn= STBORN
circular= SL-r
window= WID
hesitate= HEZ
veins= VAINS
brilliant= BRIL
deserve= DEFRB
champagne= SHAM/PA*IN
karma= KAR/MA*
shoulder= SHOURLD
mentality= MENLT
gangsters= GANGTS
reveals= RA*EFLS
disturb= DURB
betrayed= BRAE/-D
enemy= NAOEM
can I= KI
proud= PRO*UD
Desiree= DES/RA*I
college= KLEJ
escorted= SKOERTD
mortgage= MORT
crisis= KRAOIZ
at least= TLAOEFT
reverend= REFRND
preacher= PRAOEFRP
I get= IGT
innocent= NNT
paranoid= PAR/NO*ID
and I= SKPI
payback= PAY/BA*K
confessing= FES/-G
engagement= GAEMT
zilch= S*IL/*FP
worried= WOIRD
knight= NAO*IT
in return= NRURN
paralyzed= PARLDZ
circumstances= SIRKS
rescue= SKWU

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