August 31 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 7

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 7
how long= HOUNG
polite= PLOIT
situation= SWAIGS
isle= AO*IL
half hour= HAUF
Teterboro= TAOET/BRO*UG
New York= NORK
library= LAOIB
audition= AU/D*IGS
snitch= SNIFP
I can’t tell= YAT
factor= FAOK
ally= AL/LAO*I
liability= LAOIBLT
church= KHUFP
Raymond= RAI/MO*ND
grade school= GRAOL
victim= VIM
loyal= LOIL
relationships= ROIPS
premium= PRAOEM
precious= PRERBS
listen= L-N
pressure= PRERB
inspire= SNAOIR
alienates= AIL/Y*ENTS
otherwise= OERZ
shoulder= SHOURLD
worry= WOIR
Rastas= RAS/TA*S
Rasta= RAS/TA*
deceived= SDAOEFD
donations= DMAIGSZ
define= DPAOIN
intimidate= SBIMT
anger= ANG
muscles= MUFLS
integrity= SBEGT
water= WAURT
image= KBAJ
information= N-FGS
passwords= PAS/WO*RDZ
should be= SHUB
it will= T-L
I don’t think so= YONGS
mahogany= MA/HOG/NAO*E
piranha= PA/RA/NA*
sinker= S*IRNG
stash= STARB
ditched= DIFPD
sermons= SER/MO*NS
Ray= RA*I/RA*I
Charles= KHARLS
deserved= SDEFRBD
partial= PARB
Brooklyn= BLIN
sidekick= SAOID/K*IK
with this= W-TS
is not= SNOT
do you think= DOUNG
simple= SIM
Stokes= STO*EKS
escape= SKAEP
earth= *ERT
medicine= MED
represented= REPD
minute= MIN
Mabel= MA*IBL
she got= SH*EGT
you were= URP
dramatic= DRAUMT
instincts= KBINGTS
leverage= LEFRJ
bloodshed= BLAOD/SH*ED
prom= PRO*M
murderer= MRURD
negotiate= GOERBT
protocol= PROELT
crime scene= KRAOEN
insider= N-RDZ
offense= OFNS
Martha= MAR/THA*
Stewart= STAOURT
conspiracy= SPIRZ
El Chapo= EL/KHA/PO*E
henchmen= HEN/*FP/M*EN
public= PUB
custody= KUD
Alvarez= AL/VA/R*EZ
political= PLIL
Marion= MAR/YO*N
Barry= BAR/RAO*E
become= B-K
councilwoman= KOUNL/WO*M
brownstone= BROUN/STO*EN
gun= G-N
king= KING
sugar= SHURG
eyeing= AOIG
sensitive= SNEF
emo= AOE/MO*E
Brown= BRO*UN
uncle= UNG
consumes= SKAOMS
dirty= DOIRT
shoes= SHAOUZ
insisted= KBIFTD
she told= SHELT
attitude= TAOUD
she would= SHELD
proud= PRO*UD
bloodied= BLOID/-D
defend= D-F
fighter= FAOIRT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
puppet= P*UPT
until= N-L
hardworking= HARD/WO*RK/-G
you really= *URL
sorrow= SRO*E
vengeance= VAENG
I’m sorry= AOIMS
today= TOD
bridge= BRIJ
paralyzed= PARLDZ
last time= LAFMT
innocent= N-NT
she was= SHEFS
murder= MURD
immunity= KBAOUNT
movies= MO*EFS
alias= AILZ
self defense= SD-FNS
to get= TO*GT
this time= TH-MT
Coney Island= KOEN/YI/AOILD
always= AULS
from the= FR-T
window= WID
persuade= PRAED
almost= L-M
sweetheart= SWHART
on the job= OEJ
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
Irish= AOI/R*IRB
company= K-P
resist= RAOEFT
hire= HIR

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