September 2 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 9

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 9
billionaire= B-L/NA*IRE
concentrate= SKRAENT
do you think= DOUNG
I think= AOING
what is= WHAS
facility= FAEFLT
pharmaceutical= FARL
entry= SBRI
precinct= PRAOENT
Harlem= HAR/L*EM
jump= JUFRP
collect= KLEKT
bathroom= BARM
all the= AULT
perfect= P-FRT
innocent= N-NT
alive= LOIF
thumped= THUFRPD
majestic= MA/J*EFKT
magical= MAJ/KA*L
science= SAOINZ
figured= FIGS
lavender= LAFRND
beautiful= BAOUF
calendula= KAL/*EN/DAOU/LA*
centuries= SENZ
disease= D-Z
nightshade= NAOIT/SHA*ID
Atropa= A/TROE/PA*
belladonna= BEL/LA/DON/NA*
immunity= KBAOUNT
Debbie= DEB/YI
Thomas= THOMS
plead= PLAOED
include= KLU
himself= HIMZ
give me= GIFM
reasonable doubt= -RD
brownstone= BROUN/STO*EN
prizes= PRAO*ISZ
have you been= VUB
attack= TW-K
gallivanting= GAL/VA*NGT
honor= HON
somehow= SHOU
survived= SWAOIFD
more than= MORN
elevate= L-FT
overseer= VAOE/*ER
reduced= RAOUS/-D
weapons= WEPS
exchanged= XAINGD
comfortable= K-FRBL
Mercedes= MER/SAID/AO*ES
upgrading= AUP/GRAIGD
who else= WHOLS
answer= AENS
from the= FR-T
cocoa= KOE/KO*E
sometimes= STAOIMS
practice= PRA
out of= OUF
executive= SKAOUFT
produced= PROUD
kind of= KAOIF
guilt= G-LT
weight= WAET
burden= BURD
I understand= INDZ
believe me= BLEFM
I can’t let= YALT
stressed= STREFD
or else= OERLS
magic= MIJ
within= W-N
pressure= PRERB
heaviest= HEF/EFT
defines= DPAOINS
hero= HOER
paperwork= PAIRK
simple= SIM
smuggling= SMULG/-G
I had= ID
argument= GAOUMT
integrity= SBEGT
sentence= SNENS
lessons= LEFNS
Tommy= TOM/YI
as many= SMAEN
stashed= STARBD
Queens= QAO*ENS
father= FA*ER
conventional= KWENLGS
salve= SAFL
decided= SDAOID
to be= TOB
campesinos= KAFRP/SAOE/NO*ES
ancient= SHENT
medical= MEL
tradition= TRA
natural= NARL
headaches= HAEKS
anxiety= ANGT
fertility= FERLT
items= AOITS
bizarre= BIRZ
enhanced= KBHANS/-D
practices= PRAS
flower= FLOUR
access= SKES
blood work= BLAORK
build= BL-
monster= MOFRNT
what you know= WHAUN
condition= K-N
tell me the= TL-MT
million= M-L
Tupac= TAOU/PO*K
production= PROUX
yes= YE
initiative= NIFRBT
lifetime= LAOIFT
ago= AG
diapers= DAOIRPS
pictures= PIRS
capture= KPUR
remembering= RERG
intelligent= TEJ
dynamic= DAO*ING
someplace= SPLAIS
sermon= SER/MO*N
if you= FU
who were= WHORP0
you just= UJT
Matilda= MA/TIL/DA*
when is= WH-S
revealed= RAEFLD
surprises= SPRAOISZ
islands= AOINLDZ
fantasy= FANT/SAO*E
delta= DEL/TA*
Creole= KRAO*E/O*EL
color= KLOR
Howard= HOURD
tragic= TRAJ
widow= DWO
evaporated= VAPTD
is that= STHA
oxygen= SHEN
electric= LEK
guitar= GA/TA*R
African= FRIN
Johnson= JOFN
Jackson= JAFN
you were= URP
withered= W*IRTD
eventually= VAENL
window= WID
mic= MIK
after all= AFRL
indeed= N-D
promotion= PROEMGS
anywhere= NIR
in the= N-T
trash= TRARB
Georgia= GA/GA
Jamaica= JA/JA
Ashanti= A/SHON/TAO*E
British= BRIRB
sugar= SHURG
maroons= MA/RAO*NS
blue= BLU
mountains= MOUNS
captivity= KAP/T*IFT
masters= MAFRTS
camouflage= KAM/FLO*J
technology= T-J
determination= DERMGS
resistance= RAOEFNS
doctor= DR-
I don’t have= YOF
by the= B*IT

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