November 18 2015

Steno Resources: Trial Transcripts

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)It’s a great help for students and new reporters to see what an actual transcript looks like. Being able to get a view of how all of the components of a transcript is compiled and presented is a necessary part of the court reporting learning process.

A Google search of “trial transcripts” will lead you to a variety of downloadable transcript PDFs. If you do this search you will find some pretty interesting and notable transcripts that can serve as a great study guide for you.

Happy searching!

-Elsie Villega

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March 2 2015

Steno Resources: Printed Testimony

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)If you have an Android phone or tablet, or a Google Play app, you can get some printed testimony that can be used for practice. If writing from paper is part of your steno study, or if you are looking for printed material that you can time and record, this is a useful resource.

Doing a search for “testimony” in Google Books will bring up several Q & A documents. Most of these documents, judging by the date they were created, are likely public domain works. The available free testimony, as of today, includes: Testimony of Attorney-General Brewster, Testimony: New York State Legislature Joint Committee, and many others.

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