July 7 2014

Case CATalyst: Want To Boost Your Editing Time? Use Hotspots

Hotspots- A feature that allows you to view all of your untranslates, conflicts, blank fields, and oops format symbols at the same time without having to scan through your transcript.

How To Open Your Hotspots: (1) Click View on the Menu Bar. (2) Click Panes. (3) Click Hotspots. The Hotspots Dialog Pane will appear on the right side. Your Hotspots will be organized by page and line number. You will also see the type of Hotspot and the text associated with it.

If you double-click on one of the Hotspot entries, your cursor will appear at the location of that hotspot in the transcript. NOTE: The audio will also play when you double-click the entry. (You can turn this audio feature off if you’d like to).

You can also use filter and search options in the Hotspots Dialog Pane.

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