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Dec 16

NYC’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act

A new bill seeking to protect freelance workers was recently introduced to New York’s City Council. According to Crain’s New York, the bill (Freelance isn’t Free Act) proposes that a person (or entity) who hires a freelancer to do work that is valued at more than $200 would be required to sign a written contract …

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Sep 15

New York’s Deposition Rules

New York’s deposition rules can be found in Part 221 of the Uniform Rules for N.Y.S. Trial Courts. Part 221: Uniform Rules For The Conduct Of Depositions, contains the following sections: 221.1 Objections at Depositions, 221.2 Refusal to Answer When Objection is Made, and 221.3 Communication With the Deponent. These rules have been in effect …

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Jun 29

New York’s Note Retention Requirements

According to the New York State Court Reporters Association, a freelance reporter should retain their notes for a time period set forth by a court order or statute, or for no less than 5 years. For officials, the New York State Court Reporters Association’s website, has the following time periods for note retention listed for …

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Jun 20

Requirements For Practicing Court Reporting In New York State

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According to the New York State Court Reporting Association, there are no official license requirements for court reporting within New York State. However, reporters may voluntarily obtain licensing via the CSR. Court reporters must be notary publics in order to swear in witnesses. The same is true for freelancers; although they may be given a …

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