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Jan 16

RPR Reference Materials

I spoke to an NCRA representative today to get some advice on what to study for the upcoming examination. She told me that a new study guide was slated to come out this year, although she wasn’t certain of the exact date, as it has not been announced yet. She also directed me to a …

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Jan 15

Changes To The RPR Test

When I first did a post on the requirements of the RPR test (on 6/19/12), (Click Here), the written knowledge test was comprised of 105-110 questions that was based on the following four categories and percentages: Reporting (48%) Transcript production (44%) Operating practices (4%) Professional issues and continuing education (4%) As of today, the NCRA …

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Oct 10

Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) Requirements

A registered medical transcriptionist obtains certification via an examination given by the Association For Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). The RMT test consists of a 130-question exam, which is comprised of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. There is also a transcription-performance portion of the test, in which dictation must be transcribed and edited. Upon passing the RMT …

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Aug 13

CBC Requirements

The acronym CBC stands for, “certified broadcast captioner.” CBC certification is issued by the National Court Reporters Association via a two-part examination. The CBC test consists of a written knowledge test and a skills test. The written knowledge portion of the CBC test must be passed with a percentage of 70% or higher. The questions …

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Jul 25

RMR Requirements

The RMR is a certification test given by the National Court Reporting Association. In order to apply for the RMR skills test, a reporter must be a RPR and a NCRA member. In order to apply for the RMR written knowledge test, a reporter must be an RPR and have 3 years or current and …

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Jun 20

Requirements For Practicing Court Reporting In New York State

New York JPEG

According to the New York State Court Reporting Association, there are no official license requirements for court reporting within New York State. However, reporters may voluntarily obtain licensing via the CSR. Court reporters must be notary publics in order to swear in witnesses. The same is true for freelancers; although they may be given a …

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Jun 19

RPR Requirements

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The RPR is a certification test given by the National Court Reporting Association. The Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) examination consists of skills test and a written knowledge test. The written knowledge test is comprised of 105-110 questions that is based on the following four categories (with accompanying percentages of the questions): Reporting (48%) Transcript production …

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