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Jul 15

Currently Reading…

Deposition Handbook

“Nolo’s Deposition Handbook” By: Bergman & Moore

Feb 21

Currently Reading: Barron’s Dictionary Of Business And Economics Terms

Dictionary of Business and Economic Terms

My husband bought me this book so I can use it to build my dictionary. This dictionary is also on the NCRA’s list for references for the RPR.

Jan 31

Currently Reading: “How The Brain Learns” By: David A Sousa

How The Brain Learns

Aug 27

Tools Of The Trade: Books

Steno Books

Aug 04

Currently Reading…

Notary Public Passbook

“Notary Public Passbook” This book was very helpful to me when I took my notary test. It also contains some great vocabulary words.

Jul 26

Currently Reading…

Abused, Confused and Misused Words

“Abused, Confused & Misused Words” By: Mary Embree

Feb 26

Currently Reading…

Phoenix Thoery

“Phoenix Theory: Fast Track To Machine Shorthand Speed” By: Carol Jochim

Sep 11

Currently Reading…

English For Court Repoerters

“Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters” By: Lillian I. Morson Readying my arsenal for the great punctuation debates I always seems to find my way into.  Lol. Studying this book once again.

Jul 27

Currently Reading…

Comma Sense

“Comma Sense: A Fundamental Guide To Punctuation” By: Richard Lederer and John Shore

Jul 16

Currently Reading…

The Deposition Handbook Brooks

“The Deposition Handbook” By: Lynn Brooks

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