February 12 2015

Writing Colloquy For The Witness

I Love Court Reporting Logo (Cropped)How do you write colloquy for the witness on your machine? Here are a couple of suggestions. Lately, I’ve been favoring the second option.

Machine Briefs:


When D-defining colloquy for the witness, don’t forget to add a space after the colon so the colloquy designation translates with two spaces after the colon.

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November 19 2014

Case CATalyst: The Orphan Control Format Symbol

I Love Stenography Logo (Cropped)The Orphan Control format symbol is inserted when you want to keep lines of text together and not have the lines of text separated by page breaks. When you use the Orphan Control format symbol, you will be asked to specify the number of lines you want to keep together.

The Orphan Control format symbol can be added to dictionary entries and include files. It can also be utilized when editing.

It should be noted that the Orphan Control format symbol’s options can also be set to insert text or characters on the blank lines. These characters or letters can be a way to show that the lines were left blank intentionally.

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