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Aug 18

Interview With A Court Reporting Agency Owner

Court reporting agency owner, Victoria Rock, discusses the advances in court reporting technology, captioning, the growth of the industry, and advice for stenographers.

Aug 13

Canadian Court Reporter Discusses Changes In Ontario Court System

Jul 21

Court Reporters At Work

The court reporters who covered the Casey Anthony trial discuss their jobs, and working on a high profile case.

Jul 21

Careers For Stenographers

In this video, the stenographers show the different fields to which their skills may be applied.

May 16

CSR Gives Encouraging Words To Students

Mar 27

Speed Champion Discusses The Importance Of Briefs

In this video, speed champion Mark Kislingbury, lectures teachers on the importance of teaching briefs. Hw gives a compelling argument on the necessity of briefs in order to increase speed. He calculates the number of strokes necessary to write the dialog of speedy speakers. He compares the number of strokes used by a stroke-intensive writer …

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Mar 20

Video: Pilot Turned Court Reporter

Here’s a video of a pilot who is also a court reporter. He discusses the profession of court reporting and how he got involved in it.

Jan 30

Briefs & Speed

Here’s a great video I found on You Tube discussing how to pick up speed using briefs. This is encouraging me to continue to shorten my writing as I pick up speed.

Sep 14

What Does A Court Reporter Carry In Their Bag?

As reporters, and reporters-in-training, we’re always carrying around a lot of bags. People are constantly asking me where I’m off too, as if I’m on some type of perpetual vacation commute. Lol. Here’s what one reporter, Sue Terry, carries in her bag: [SIDEBAR: I love her Sharpie tips.]

Jul 21

Video: Proper Body Posture For Typing

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