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Mar 22

Readback: One Word, Not Two


Despite spell check’s proclamations otherwise, readback is a compound word that exists. Wiktionary defines readback as follows: (1) (Computing) The act of reading data back from a location where it has been stored. (2) (Aviation, telecommunications) The repetition of a message one has received, in order to acknowledge it. (3) The reading aloud by a …

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Jan 17

Rules Of Grammar: Awhile vs A While

“Awhile” is used as an adverb. “A while” is used as a noun. Here are some examples for how they should be used: We have a while left before the train arrives. I saw my friend a while ago. We waited awhile for the bus. She ran awhile. Here’s a trick that usually works: If …

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Dec 12

Rules Of Grammar: Anytime vs. Any Time

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When “anytime” is used to mean “whenever,” it is written in one word. For example, “Come visit me anytime you are in my neighborhood.” However, when it is used after a preposition, such as “at,” it is written in two words. For example, “Have you seen her at any time in the past two weeks?”