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Apr 02

Random Briefs: The Parenthetical Edition

(handing)= HAND/HAND (indicating)= KAIT/KAIT (pointing)= POINT/POINT (witness complied)= KPLAOI/KPLAOI (Whereupon, a break was taken at this time.)= BRAEK/BRAEK (Whereupon, a lunch break was taken.)= LUFP/LUFP (Whereupon, a portion of the testimony was read back.)= RAEB/RAEB or RAED/RAED (Whereupon, an off the record discussion was held at this time.)= OF/OF (INSERT):______________________________________.= SNERT/SNERT

Dec 28

Case CATalyst: Creating An Include File For Parentheticals

Here are some useful shortcuts from the video: Shift+F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box F4, F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box Ctrl+I= Opens the insert a conflict dialog box. [Type: ^ (Space)(Conflict#1)(Space) ^ (Space)(Conflict#2)] F4,O= Surrounds word with scan stop begin and scan stop end format symbols