July 10 2012

CSR Requirements

The CSR is the Certified Shorthand Reporter test. This test is a voluntary licensing examination. In New York, the CSR is administered by the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, Division of Professional Licensing Services.

The exam consists of the following components:

1) A written test of 40 questions of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. A passing score is 75%.

2) A written test of 20 questions about legal terminology, legal procedure, court structure, and rules of evidence.

3) Seven minutes of 4-voice dictation at 200 words per minute that must be transcribed.

4) A four minute jury charge at 175 words per minute, which must be read back from your notes within 12 minutes.. This must be dome with 95%.

5) A five minute, 2-voice medical dictation at 175 words per minute. This dictation must be transcribed with 95%.

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