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Jul 06

Court Reporting Requirements In Illinois

Illinois requires that their court reporters pass a state proctored Certified Shorthand Reporter examination. The Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporters Act dictates the rules and regulations of the examination, as well as other reporter requirements. Illinois’s Certified Shorthand Reporter exam has the following components: (1) Written Knowledge: Must be passed with 75%. (2) Dictation Examination: 200 …

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Mar 14

Court Reporting Requirements In Connecticut

According to CourtReporterEdu.org, the following are requirements for becoming a court reporter in Connecticut: (1) Complete a court reporting degree/certificate program. (2) Take the Connecticut exam for licensure: This exam is given by the Connecticut Court Reporter’s Association. There is a fee to take the test, which consists of an 1-hour 100-question written knowledge test, …

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Nov 03

Court Reporting Requirements in Hawaii

Being a court reporter in Hawaii has the following requirements: 1) Being a good and moral individual. 2) Having a high school diploma or an equivalent. 3) Passing the NCRA’s Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) Exam. 4) Freelance reporters must be a resident of Hawaii and be a notary of Hawaii. 5) Reporters in Hawaii also …

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Aug 23

Court Reporting Requirements in South Carolina

The Court Reporter Manual for the State of South Carolina issued by the South Carolina Court Administration states the following as requirements for becoming a court reporting official in the state: “A. Education: Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. B. Certification: Applicants must meet a minimum of one of the following …

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Dec 03

The Court Reporting Profession Explained

Here’s a great video explaining what court reporters do. This is a great video to refer to people who think that court reporters type, or play a “piano machine.” Lol.

Nov 09

Court Reporting Requirements in Texas

According to the Court Reporters Certification Board for Texas, the requirements for becoming a court reporter are as follows: 1) Pass the CSR Examination. 2) Have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent. 3) Submit to fingerprinting so a criminal history investigation can be done. The fingerprinting requirement was enacted on April 26, 2011. CLICK …

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Sep 14

Court Reporting Requirements in Tennessee

Next year, the NCRA conference will be held in Tennessee. Therefore, I decided to check out the requirements for working reporters in Tennessee. In 2009, the Tennessee Court Reporter Act was enacted. This Act requires that all court reporters in Tennessee be licensed. To be licensed as a court reporter in Tennessee, a reporter must: …

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Aug 09

Court Reporting Requirements in Pennsylvania

In honor of the NCRA conference being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week, I decided to research the requirements of becoming a court reporter in the State of Pennsylvania. The uniform rules governing court reporting and transcripts for Pennsylvania is found in Chapter 50, Article V, Section 10 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania. Rule 5000.3 …

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Jul 10

CSR Requirements

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The CSR is the Certified Shorthand Reporter test. This test is a voluntary licensing examination. In New York, the CSR is administered by the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, Division of Professional Licensing Services. The exam consists of the following components: 1) A written test of 40 questions of grammar, vocabulary, …

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Jun 29

New York’s Note Retention Requirements

According to the New York State Court Reporters Association, a freelance reporter should retain their notes for a time period set forth by a court order or statute, or for no less than 5 years. For officials, the New York State Court Reporters Association’s website, has the following time periods for note retention listed for …

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