March 14 2015

Court Reporting Requirements In Connecticut

According to, the following are requirements for becoming a court reporter in Connecticut: (1) Complete a court reporting degree/certificate program.

(2) Take the Connecticut exam for licensure: This exam is given by the Connecticut Court Reporter’s Association. There is a fee to take the test, which consists of an 1-hour 100-question written knowledge test, and a skills examination. The CCRA’s skills exam is comprised of 2 180 lits, 2 200 jury charges, and 2 225 2-voice Q&As. It should be noted that the RPR and any comparable state exam can reportedly be substituted for the CCRA’s test requirement.

(3) Complete an application for Connecticut licensure. The application is accompanied by an almost $300 fee.

(4) For license renewal and maintenance, there must be earned continuing education credits as well as an additional fee.

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